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Copy of Pharm House Fun

A newer version with different backgrounds and titles.

Cathleen Korondi

on 28 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Pharm House Fun

Welcome to the Pharm House.
Click the forward button below
to access each room and learn drug
classifications along with way. Examples of generic and trade names of drugs are listed in each room.
Let's begin on the roof. Notice the man carrying the heavy trunk on his back. He may need a nonopioid analgesic to relieve his backstrain. These drugs are referred to as NSAIDs.
Opioid drugs are stronger
then NSAIDS and carry with
them more adverse reactions. CNS
depression is the most
common ADE in this class.
Cardiovascular drugs
are used to treat
hypertension and hyotension.
There are many groups of
CV drugs,
Respiratory drugs
treat asthma, COPD
and bronchial conditions.
The Anti-room contains
antibiotics and antifungals.
Many of these we keep in our
medicine cabinets because we do
not that the drug until the amount
prescribed is gone.
GI drugs are taken
to relieve constipation
and/or upset stomachs.
Hormones can be thought of as the board room of our body.
Psychotherapeutic drugs are
being prescribed more and more
from relatively young adults to
the elderly.
Your project will include
adding names to the correct
room in your own Pharm House. I hope you have enjoyed the tour.

Tylenol #3



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