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Graduation Transitions

No description

Sarah Monds

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of Graduation Transitions

Graduation Transitions
By Sarah

Community Connections
Personal Health
Career and Life
My Passion
Who I Am
Hi, my name is Sarah
Born in Langley, BC
Canadian, British, Irish and Scottish
Went to Gordon Greenwood Elementary
Currently a student at Walnut Grove Secondary
Lives with my Mom and Dad
Large dinner on Christmas Eve

Consistent A Honour Roll Status
Consistent Effort Honour Roll Status
Volunteer work with the Community Center and school
Volunteering at the Community Center
Tutor struggling readers
Homework Help Club
Tutored students
Assisted with time management
Fundamental Skills
Recognize problems that occur
Gather and organize information
Personal Strengths and Weaknesses
My Time at WGSS
Current Work
Involvement in School and Community
Personal Management Skills
Adjust readily to change
Accountable and reliable
Teamwork Skills
Respect individual differences
Accept constructive criticism
Where I Need Improvement
allowed me to grow as a young adult
gain confidence
team work
time management
meeting deadlines
managing information
problem solving
time management
taking criticism
Preparation for the Future
Actively assisted with the annual Senior's Luncheon
Homework Help Club
Teacher's Assistant
1. time management 2. taking constructive criticism
build upon yourself
experience with children and seniors
My Career Goal
Typical Salary: $53,740
Employment Growth is expanding by approximately 2,000 each year

Editor's Responsibilities
Evaluate articles for publication
Correct errors in spelling and grammar
Review changes with author, writer or reporter
Plan activities of staff and assure production deadlines are met
Assign work according to upcoming events
Why Editing is Right For Me
love writing
enjoy peer-editing
strong in English and Literature
enjoy correcting people
Salary and Necessity
Education Requirements
Bachelors Degree in English, French or journalism
Several years of experience in journalism, writing, or publishing
Membership in the Editors Association of Canada
How I Want to Get There
I have applied to SFU, UFV and UBC
I hope to take the Bachelor of Arts program at UBC
$20,519.30 each year (approx 3-4 years)
Back-up Career Plan
1. Transition into a steady job after graduating from university
2. Own my own apartment
3. Have $20,000 saved
In five years I want to...
How I Stay Active
I enjoy yoga
Weight training at the gym
Occasionally running
What Physical Activity Means To Me
Source of confidence
Increases happiness
I participate in physical fitness two or three times a week
I make healthy choices whenever possible
Areas of Health and Wellness I Excel In
Adequate rest/sleep
Regular exercise
Areas of Health and Wellness
I Need to Improve
Stress Management
Nutritional Habits
work well with others
firm yet fair
enjoys children
$50,000 - 60,000 annually
Fitness Post-Graduation
walk and bike through campus
weight training
continue with yoga
Stress Management
well timed breaks
time management
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