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The Congress of Vienna - Russia

No description

Giovanna Zapien

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of The Congress of Vienna - Russia

The Congress of Vienna - Russia
What did Russia want from the Napoleonic war?
The Prussians entered an agreement with Russia, under which Russia would support Prussia's bid for Saxony and Prussia would support Russia's bid for Poland; in addition, Prussia would hand over its share of Poland to the Russian. Metternich, however, feared that Russia would become too powerful in this deal. To fight the Russian-Prussian alliance, on January 3, 1815, Metternich, Castlereagh, and Talleyrand signed a secret treaty agreeing to oppose the Prussians and Russians. In the end, the Congress of Vienna created a small Poland with Alexander being the king. With Russia being happy, Prussia lost its ally and only was able to get a minor piece of Saxony.
Russia's role in the Napoleonic wars
Since 1806, Napoleon was trying to cripple Britain's economy; he did not let all European countries that were allies with France (including Russia) from trading with Britain.This was known as the Continental System. This caused a major shortage throughout Europe. The ban on trade with Britain hit senior Russian nobles hard in the pocket (less money). Several of them owned estates on the Baltic coastline (Finland and the Baltic states were part of Russia at this time), and made profits from supplying the British navy with timber and naval stores; Napoleon's ban on trade with Britain cut off this revenue. The Russian nobles put pressure on Czar Alexander over this, so he withdrew from the Continental System, and Russia began trading with Britain again.Napoleon realized that if he let this continue without taking action and stopping this, it would cause other European countries to withdraw from the Continental System. This would leave his anti British policy in ruins, and make France and Napoleon himself look weak. Therefore, this caused Napoleon to invade Russia in 1812 so as to force Czar Alexander and Russia back into the Continental System.
Statesmen of russia Czar Alexander 1st
Czar Alexander I, was the emperor of Russia from 1801-1825. He was known for befriending, then fighting Napoleon I. In 1812-1815. Alexander helped create the Big Four, which finally defeated the French emperor. the czar played a big part in the agreement to balance power and to get along with each other. In this meeting, Alexander was determined to get the only thing that he wanted, Poland. The allies (Britain, Russia, Prussia), afraid of the Asiatic Russians getting too much control, only gave Russia a part of Poland.
What was the Congress of Vienna?
The Congress of Vienna was the meeting of the 5 great powers of the world discussing the conditions of what the world was gonna look like after Napoleonic wars. The Congress of Vienna was one of the most important international events of European history. It determined the future boundaries of Europe, boundaries that still impact Europe today.
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