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Julia Kizis

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of sikhism


Religious data
Religious diffusion
Religious beliefs
Cultural Interactions in Religion
Religious Ecology
Religious Landscape
How many people practice the religion worldwide?
Where does it rank in number of followers compared to other religions?
Is the religion growing or shrinking in followers?
How do people become a follower/member of the religion?
Where did the religion originate?
What roles did expansion and relocation diffusion play?
Where in the world is the religion practiced?
What are the routes of diffusion?
What are the types of diffusion and areal geographic patterns of expansion?
Why and how did the religion spread, where did it?
What areas of the world is it growing the most?
Is the core area of the religion still in the hearth area?

What are the central beliefs of the religion?
What is the religious category of the religion?
Why is it classified this way?
How does the religion impact other aspects of culture?
How does the religious faith influence the economic, social, dietary and political decisions?
What is the relationship between the religion and the natural habitat?
How does this relationship help guide modifications of the environment and shape the perception of nature?

In what forms does religion appear in the cultural landscape?
What are some identifiers on the cultural landscape of the religion?
Where and how are the dead buried?
What are some religious symbols and places of worship?
Does the religion have an impact on the layout of homes, communities, towns and political structures?
By: Julia, Kendall,
Hope, and Jessica

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