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Ebola Busters

No description

Hartley Messer

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Ebola Busters

Symptoms and Signs
And How to Prevent it to Getting to You
How is Ebola spread?
- Try to make more of the medicine
ZMapp drug
-Test isolate and respond
-Ebola education classes; to know the symptoms
-Use antibodies from immune people's blood to fight the virus
-Clean healing environments
-Quarantine everyone in a hospital
-Screen people entering the country

location: West Africa
Vol XCIII, No. 311
-A virus
-Very high fevers
-Internal and external bleeding
-3,500+ cases
-1,900+ deaths
-Current outbreak started march 2014 in west Africa
-Natural host is fruit bats
-Ebola began in the Democratic Republic and Congo
Ebola Busters
What is Ebola?
- avoid vacationing where risk is high
- buying bush meat in developing countries sold local market
- if helping those with Ebola use precaution
- don't touch dead body that had Ebola
-spread through contact with bodily
- don't eat/touch fruit bat meat

-urine, feces, vomit, saliva, blood,

-infected animals

-eating bushmeat/bats

-infected needles

What if Ebola comes to the United States? How will we stop it?
The problem in Africa
-They aren't educated
-very scared of the workers
-Army came in and doesn't understand trying to help (troops are there to support the fight with Ebola)
-trying to bury bodies
-sense of denial/scared to go to hospital

Thank You For Watching
Ebola is a very serious, and highly contagious disease. We need to prepare ourselves for the future, and figure out our plans now. We, the Ebola Busters, our here to bust Ebola.

Thank you
The Ebola Busters
Contracting Ebola: The Inside Scoop
-7 people from America
-2 people were given ZMapp
-2 given antibodies
-Isolation, immune system support.
-Only 2 american dead: Patrick Sawyer, Eric Duncan
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