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My side of the Mountain

By Jean Craighead George

Gamaliel Macuil

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of My side of the Mountain

Later on Sams survival he meets a human that was an old lady, and told him all the local world news. While they were talking theyed already reached to the old ladys house. Then told Sam about there was a town nearby. Then later on there was a man after him. Then he hid, and he went.
The Falling action is about winter had come had one time when he was just walking around and heard a voice "I saw that!" And who said that was a young man about Sam's age. And said "Your the wild boy, aren't you?" Sam was suprise to see a human being. He told him that he was Matt Spell that works on the New York Newspaper and is going to interview Sam. And asked Sam many questions
The resolution is that by the middle of March it was Spring time. And all of the time passed Summer time also came, the trees turned summer green. Then Matt said "hey wild boy!" and took a picture with him. Other photographers came, and a reporter. Sam talked a little. When they had all left. Then the next day they had to interview him he shouted "Dad!" and went back with his family and lived happy.
Rising Action
Image by Tom Mooring
Falling Action
My Side Of The Mountain
The Climax is about that Sam finds a real live man which his name was Jessie Coon James. Then Sam heard a police siren that sounded from far away. The sound became louder and louder. And thought that the man was an outlaw. Sam thought he was nice and not an outlaw. And later he stayed with sam and left.
By Jean Craighead George
The exposition of the book is that Sam Gribley (The main character of the book) is living in a New York City apartment. He runs away from his parents and plans to go to the Catskills Mountains where his great grandfather used to live, which is in the forest were he attemps to live. To survive he only brings a knife, ball cord, forty dollars, and some flint and steel.
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