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on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Dwarfism

What is Dwarfism?
There are 200 different types of Dwarfism. Two of the most common types are MOPD type 1 and MOPD type 2. MOPD type 1 is the most deadliest type of Dwarfism. If you have MOPD type 1, you will only have 1 year of life left. But if you have MOPD type 2 you live as long a life as an average height person. :)
The Symptoms of Dwarfism
Dwarfism is a
condition, and it effects you physically, not mentally, because it is in your bones, not your brain. This condition is very rare; 1 out of every 26,000 to 40,000 babies are born with dwarfism.
How Do You Get Dwarfism?
In the fourth
, there is the FGFR3
that provides instructions to make your bones grow. When you have dwarfism that gene is
so most of your bones stop growing.
When you have Dwarfism, the
are, your skull is larger than average sized, but your body is smaller. Also you have a higher possibility to have more toes or fingers. Usually, if someone has Dwarfism, they walk differently because their knees are turned outward and their toes stick upward, due to their small figure.
Types of Dwarfism

80% of the time Dwarfism is not genetic, but the other 20% is genetic. So what that mean is most people who have dwarfism the parents don't.
The are over 15,000 people in the US who have dwarfism.
Famous People with Dwarfism!
Danny Woodburn - Grimm
The History of
In the Ancient Egyptian times, Egyptians believed that people with Dwarfism had super natural powers.
Martin Klebba - Butcher
Mirror Mirror
Mark Povinelli - Half Pint
Jordan Prentice - Nepoliatan
This is the tiniest girl
in the world. When she was
born, she was only 2 pounds.
and is the star of a TLC TV show. She has recently passed away.
Pierre Maroteaux was the first to mention dwarfism was genetic, he was born in 1929, and Maurice Lamy helped him.
Dr. John Wasmuth found the most common kind of Dwarfism called Achondroplasia.
80% of people with Dwarfism have average height parents and siblings.
There is TLC TV show
about a couple with
Dwarfism named Bill
Klein (4 ft tall) and
Jennifer Arnold (3 ft 2 in.
Another common type of Dwarfism is Achomdroplasia. Most actors and actresses have this kind of Dwarfism
When you have Dwarfism you can't do everything as easily as an average human. So they make accommodations.
pedal extensions
stepping stools
smaller sinks
and toilets
You could also remodel your house to make everything your height.
- A reaction you get to any condition you might have.
- Part of a cell nucleus that contains the gene.
- tells your body how to work, look, and act.
- When you get something passed down from you parents.
- When something changes or goes wrong
- A brain for a cell that contains you chromosomes and genes.
Thanks for watching!
Dwarfism is a easier way to say Skeletal Dysplasia. You can also say "person of short stature" or "little person," but the term "midget" is considered very offensive to people with Dwarfism.
Dwarfism is caused by a genetic mutation that makes a person 4 ft 10 or under. But if a person of short stature is short just because it is in their heritage, that is not Dwarfism.
Where to go to learn more
In the Wizard of Oz, there is only one living munchkin that
is still alive. named Jerry Maren from the Lollipop Guild.
He is also in one episode of a nickelodeons hit T.V series ICarly .
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