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File Organization and Maintenance

No description

Chris Baron

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of File Organization and Maintenance

File for Easy Access
Keep aff and neg separate
File your ATA clearly
Keep often used files handy
Come with empty folders/pocket
Bring templates to answer off case
Don't overload a file/pocket

Sub file Important Arguments
Important arguments must be sub filed
Sub filing ensures you have precisely what you need for a given round
Use half sheets and "hats"
Accordion folders are great ways to organize
It helps to have a box/tub to put everything in
File folders are inexpensive and flexible
Get Organized!

Why is Filing so Important?
Just because you
it, doesn't mean you can
The Merits of Color Coding
Color coded: file folders, labels, paper, hats
Can make re-filing easier
Be consistent
Highlight your evidence
Read it once through before you highlight
Don't simply highlight underlined
Ask: "Do I need this?" at the word by word level
Start with yellow, move to darker colors as you re-highlight
Make notes in margins/bottom of page as needed
Retag as needed
Have extra copies of important files
Always re-file after a debate, but not during the debate or judge comments
Be sure you get all your evidence back
Orient pages in same direction
File analyticals, judge comments, flows
Practice file drills
Common Organizing Mistakes
Not prepared to pull precisely what's needed
Too much evidence at podium (no staples!)
Lose an important file
The Pros and Cons of Paperless
Saves flight and copy costs
Can collect massive amounts of evidence
Files can be reorganized
Files shared easily with teammates
CDL Benchmarks 17 (Organizing Files) and 18 (Library of Argument Options)
File Organization and Maintenance
Know what you have
Prep better
Improve Ethos
Stay focused
Where is the
Steep learning curve
Requires laptops
Sharing with paper opponents
Computer failure

Ever since Skynet became self-aware, my debating has improved dramatically!
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