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Transcript of BRA M7 U1

It is not enough to simply perform descriptive analysis; the researcher also needs to determine if a sample description is indeed representative of the population.
In this Prezi, an example of a questionnaire is used to determine the relationship between stress and job satisfaction of leaders within an organisation.
Research question:
What is the relationship between stress and job satisfaction of leaders within an organisation?
Sampling frame:
A list of all leaders in the organisation.
Sampling technique:
Probability sampling; systematic random sampling.
Data collection:
Online questionnaire.
ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE: Job stress and job satisfaction
Before answering the ten questions on job stress and satisfaction, please complete the following demographic questions:
1. What is your age? _____
2. Please select your gender (put an X next to the most appropriate response):

Male _____ Female _____ Prefer not to answer _____

3. Please select your race (put an X next to the most appropriate response):

Black _____ Coloured _____ Indian _____
White _____ Chinese _____ Prefer not to answer _____

4. How many years of work experience do you have? _____
5. How many children do you have? Put an X next to the most appropriate response:

0 _____ 1 _____ 2 _____ 3 _____ 4 _____ More than 4 _____

6. What department do you work in? Put an X next to the most appropriate response:

HR _____ Finance _____ Sales and Marketing _____ Services _____ BD_____

What does the sample look like?
Number of participants (sample size):

28 leaders completed the questionnaire
Descriptive analysis
The leaders who participated in the research were predominantly from the Sales and Marketing (32%) and Services (25%) departments.
Of the 100 leaders who were asked to complete the questionnaire, a total of 28 leaders responded (28% response rate).
Participants’ ages varied from 28 to 56 years with a median and mode of 42 years, and 75% of the sample being between the ages of 36 and 48 years.
The sample was almost evenly distributed in terms of gender, with 16 males (57%) and 12 females (43%).
The majority of participants were white (46%) and had no children (50%).
The average participant had 8 years of work experience, with the most experienced leader holding 34 years of work experience.
Comparison of sample and population
Is the sample representative of the population?
By comparing the population of leaders (100 leaders) with the sample of leaders (28 leaders) used in the research, it appears as though the sample is representative of most characteristics.
The characteristics of gender and number of children will need to be considered carefully before any conclusions from the research about job stress and job satisfaction are generalised to the rest of the population.
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