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Online Advertising & Social Media

No description

Robert Trickett

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Online Advertising & Social Media

Interactive Advertising & Social Media
Interactive Advertising

Dynamic features
- Eliminate static advertising

- Clips to help promote the company/brand
Social Media
- Various linking to the social media platforms
Creative presentations
- Innovative ads that can grab and engage the audience
Increase conversion rates
- Generate more traffic to the site
Engage audience with advert
- Increase the personal involvement with the product or service
Enrich media for consumers
- Betters the experience for targeted customers.
FIAT Abarth 500 Reveal
Company Overview
Fiat is an Italian automotive manufacturer that was founded in 1899. The company has produced engines for military vehicles, railway trains and even air crafts.
Target Market
Fiat aims to target many car enthusiasts from high performance lovers to everyday commuters. The range of cars offered can be geared accordingly to the preferences of each consumer.
Distribution Channel
FIAT is mainly B2C but has B2B relations as well
Interactive Advertising
Teaser Video
Value Proposition
Fiat strives to build reliable, fuel efficient cars with innovative technology. FIAT stands for discovery through passionate self-expression. "It encourages people to be in charge of their lives, live confidently and celebrate the smallest of things with infectious excitement"
Marketing Challenge
The company lacked prestige in certain segments of North America. FIAT wanted to engage gear head and automotive enthusiasts in the North American market. Live up to their expectations and benefit from a "halo effect"
- 2 day period over 300,000 people visiting the teaser videos link to the LA auto show for FIAT Abarth
- 13,000 + likes on Facebook

This sparked the development of FIATS category on the site, as well as production of more videos.

- 35,000 signed up for purchase info
- April 2012 sales up 336 %

- Active use of the advertisement. Hits & Subscriptions
- Overall understanding of the portrayed advertisement. Did it achieve the desired effect?
- Surveys & reviews, all of which will give the company a better understanding of how effective the media is
Mechanisms for Engagement
- Depending on the advertisement, levels of interaction can occur
- Reviews & Testimonials
- Linking to social media platforms, as well as emails etc.
Advantages & Disadvantages
Improves experience / Satisfaction
Stand out from competitors
Receive immediate response
Many options
Consumers easily distracted
Ads are ignored
Viewing issues
Social Media

Goals & Objectives
Wide Reach / Awareness / WOM
Alignment with target market/ Tech savvy
Coverage of various mediums to reach customers
Supporting customers to increase sales
Customer driven innovation/ Feedback can be obtained from social media platforms

Examine referral traffic
Share of Voice Ie ) Share of voice = your mentions / Total mentions for competitors.
Track the total size of community and engagement
Measure sentiment / Ie) Manually done by checking positive feedback verses negative

Response Mechanisms
Shares/ Likes
Re-tweets etc, various methods of spreading awareness
Promotions / consumer involvement amongst channels

A good tool to use to publicize your work
Costs very little money to set up online
Easy to create groups and forming communities of interest
Online participation can be easier than face to face
Connections mean power and money for many companies
Constant flows of information from updates and real time communication Ex. Twitter
Breaks down barriers for people who want to stay in touch with other people

• Risk of identity theft and fraud
• Harder to gauge participation and commitment
• Not as effective as a face-to-face conversation
• User drop-out
• Hits do not necessarily indicate attitude change

Diageo Chateau & Estate Wines
"The Wine Bar"
DC&E is part of Diageo, a leading premium drink business. DC&E produces and markets wines and spirits from around the world.
Target market
Wine and spirit enthusiasts, as for "Wine Bar" the target is younger generation X's with passion towards wine but do not take it seriously.
B2B/B2C Operation
DC&E has a variety of wines and spirits to choose from online, along with online logs and notes available for customers to use. This provides an information hub as well for online users.
Generate revenue through distribution across the globe to various liquor dispensaries and online sales.
Value Proposition
Marketing Challenge
Understanding the different types of wines and categories can be overwhelming for most people.
DC&E wanted to create a community that enabled user generated content, as well as their own to help people better understand wines. While doing so, promote the wines they sell and produce.
Social Media Usage
DC&E decided to create a facebook community for the wines they produce and distribute.
User Generated content
Brand Awareness
Online community
Facebook community formed in July 2012
45,000 + Likes & 5000 + "Talking about this"
10% typical engagement which is 10-50x industry standards
Surpasses competitors
Viral outreach
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