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The Urban Game

The Urban Game is Prezified. See the following site for the original game and notes to read as students complete each round. Thank you to Fort Laurderdale High School for putting it online! http://www.thecaveonline.com/APEH/TheUrbanGame.htm

Jennifer Saaranen

on 18 September 2018

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Transcript of The Urban Game

The Urban Game
You will need a pencil WITH an eraser.
You should also have a piece of butcher block paper and template for the "characters" in the city.
draw a river across your paper connecting east to west; the river should be about 1 inch wide; draw a simple wooden bridge crossing the river; draw 2 roads one running north to south and crossing the river at the bridge and one running from east to west. Neither road need be a straight line. Draw 10 houses; 1 church; 1 cemetery; 1 store; 1 pub; 1 coalmine; & at least 50 trees!!
To Start With...
Round 1

Since you invested your money, thereby making a tidy profit,build yourself 1 nice home anywhere on the map you would like it to be. Don’t forget to construct the canal. It must run parallel to the river.
Round 2
Add 5 houses (total 15).
Round 3
Fence off an area 3x3 inches to be reserved as a commons. Add 5 houses (total 20) and 1 more nice house.
Round 4
Add 1 factory (no smoke—it is powered by water). Remember, the cotton factory must be placed on the river bank. Canal water is not swift enough to generate the power to the working parts of the water frame. Don’t add any smoke to this factory!! Add 5 houses for workers (total 25).
Round 5
Add 15 houses (total 40); 1 church , 1 pub, & 1 store. You may draw additional roads and 1 additional bridge.
Round 6
Add 5 new factories (must be on the river bank as they need water power). The early owners of these factories called themselves capitalists because they had the capital or money to purchase the raw material, the building, the water frame, and to pay their workers a fixed wage and make a profit. Add 5 houses (total 45).
Round 7
Add 5 Tenements.
Round 8
Add 1 store, 1 pub, 1 church, & 1 school for those families wealthy enough to send their children (boys) to school. Since workers in the factories work 6 days a week, the only day of rest is Sunday. People flock to your churches so make them convenient for their tired feet.
Round 9
Add 5 more pubs. Destroy 5 houses (total 40), add 4 tenements.
Round 10
Add 2 special homes. Add 1 factory, and 15 houses for management personages (total 55). Note: from this point on trees may be removed if you need space.
Round 11
Add 10 factories with smoke. Add smoke to all other pre-existing factories. Also, add one nicer house since people continue to get rich. Add 5 houses (total 60) and 1 tenement.
Round 12
Add 1 new coal mine and a new iron bridge to replace the old wooden one. Add 5 houses (total 65).
Round 13
Add another coal mine. Draw 1 cemetery.
Round 14
Add 1 major railroad line connecting all your factories to your coal mines. This is one continuous track which must connect all factories and mines (you may build additional railroad bridges only as needed). Add 5 houses (total 70) for railroad builders.
Round 15
Add 1 jail & 2 pubs and 2 tenements.
Round 16
Add 20 streetlamps. These are streetlamps and must be located along streets.
Round 18
Add 1 more railroad line passing east to west through your town. Add 5 houses (total 75) and 1 tenement for the new railroad workers.
Round 19
Round 17
Add 2 hospitals and 1 more cemetery.
Add 1 theater and 1 museum. Add 2 private schools for upper class students (mark these schools with the letter “P”). Add 1 nice house.
Round 20
Add 1 cemetery, 1 jail, 1 hospital to accommodate the victims of urban life.
Round 21
Add 20 houses (total 95), 5 tenements, 2 stores, 1 church, 5 factories, and 1 pub, and 2 more nice houses and one special house.
Design a Village, c. 1850
Using what you have learned about the evolution of a town, from a site along a fast flowing river to a bustling economic center, design a town “from scratch”.
Your town must include the following structures and spaces. Use the other side of the paper on which you created the Urban Game town.

1 river, 3 bridges, 80 modest houses, 1 city hall, 15 splendid houses, 1 museum, 10 stores, 2 secondary school (public), 3 primary schools, 20 tenements
1 bank, 1 hospital, 5 pubs, 1 theater, 5 restaurants, 3 churches, 1 courthouse/jail, 2 cemeteries, 10 factories (various sizes), 2 parks, 2 railroad line, 2 stations, 1 library, 8 streets with one intersection, 1 feed mill, (where farmers buy grain), 3 coalmines

Upon completion, some groups will be called upon to explain the rationale of their designs.
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