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Earthquake Hazards

No description

Dan Grubb

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Earthquake Hazards


Don't Be Here!
Most Injuries result from collapse of buildings!

Things people build fall down and cause the most damage.
Shaking breaks gas lines and drops electrical lines!
Imagine if water lines are broken so firefighters can't put them out.
Stop at 2:00 minutes
Sparks at 16 seconds in
Tidal Wave
In areas with steep slopes. Can block roads, crush houses, break gas and water lines.
Play to 35 sec
Be ready to close ads
Laguna Beach CA
Flamingo Rd, Laguna Beach, CA
Google Earth to
Loose soil that is saturated by water becomes weak and anything heavy on the soil will sink like it is on quicksand. Note to self, build on solid rock and not loose soil or sand.
Powerful ocean waves caused by an underwater earthquake that can be up to 30 m tall and can move inland several miles.
Mr. Grubb, 6th grade
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