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The Little Mermaid

No description

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of The Little Mermaid

Ariel is often crossed by difficult tasks or obstacles. In order for her to be able to confront Eric, she must first be change from a mermaid into a human. Ariel searches for ways to become human causing her to acquire Ursela and her powers. Ursela is able to grant Ariel's wish to receive legs for a "fair trade" involving her voice. Ariel must learn to walk and over come her fear or anxiousness to address Eric. The return threshold is acquiring legs and getting onto land. Flounder and Sebastian help her ashore as she can longer breathe underwater or swim without her tail
Crossing the Return Threshold
The Little Mermaid
Call to Adventure
Ariel comes across a ship where a party is taking place. Being her curious self, she swims to the ship and is unable to resist looking at a young handsome man aboard. Which we soon find out to be Prince Eric.
Ariel's Home Culture
master of two worlds
After going back into the ocean and finally defeating Ursela, mending ties with her father and returning to land to marry Eric, Ariel is now a master of her two worlds, the ocean and land. She is no longer under Ursula's spell is free to live her happily ever after.
Refusal to call
supernatural aid
Refusing the Return
Ariel has a loving home and has family that cares about her. She is deeply in love with Eric that she is blind to seeing who truly cares. She rather be in love with a man than be in a safe home with her family and father.
The Little Mermaid
Azul Echezarreta
Yulissa Montalvo
Vanessa Casillas
Ezekiel Rodriguez

Flounder, Sebastian, and Scuttle
Ursula and her Electric Eels
Ursulas Electric Eels arrive to Ariel at the perfect time, right when Ariel comes to despise her father the most for turning all of her human treasures into dust, including the statue of prince Eric from the shipwreck.
Road of trials
Ariel is a bright, spirited mermaid who is also adventurous and stubborn. Her curiosity, love for adventure, and passion sometimes gets her into trouble. Usually, however, Ariel overcomes any obstacle she faces like if magic is involved to change things.
The Deal
Face to Face
Since Ariel traded her voice for legs and her lovely voice is what Eric fell in love with. It was becoming increasingly difficult for Ariel to convince Eric that it in fact, it was her that was singing over him on the beach and to get her kiss before the third day comes to an end. When Eric took Ariel for a tour of his kingdom, he took her on a some what romantic boat ride. Sebastian, being the court's composer, conducts all of the fish, birds, etc. to sing a song called ''kiss the girl'', which was a failed attempt to persuade Eric to kiss.
Being Mute
The main obstacle in The Little Mermaid is getting Prince Eric to finally kiss Ariel to abolish Ursula's spell. Ariel goes through many attempts of convincing Eric that it was her singing on that faithful day ashore. When Eric's dog finds Ariel on the beach the first day of the spell, the dog realizes that it was her and uncontrollably licks her. Although, at first Eric was convinced that he has found his true love and ''that voice'' when he finds out that Ariel is mute, he subdues.
Ursela in disguise
On the third and last day of the spell, Ariel wakes up very excited to the news that ''Prince Eric is getting married''. She thought she had accomplished her goal and runs hurriedly to him, but to her surprise it is not she who he is marrying. Ursula had transformed herself into a beautiful young woman and of course having possession of Ariel's voice, uses it to her advantage. Ursula puts a spell on Eric to persuade him to marry her right away. Ursula's plan the entire time was to keep Ariel's soul forever in revenge of King Triton banishing her from the kingdom.
Flounder, Sebastian, and scuttle act as Ariel's supernatural aid. They help her accomplish her goals and dreams of living on land. They try their best to support her deal with Ursela of getting Eric to fall in love with her within three days.
The Little Mermaid (Ariel) lives under the sea in a magical kingdom where she is the youngest and most beautiful out of the seven princesses. Ariel's hidden or concealed identity that only her and flounder have knowledge of is that she is obsessed with the human world up above. She secretly swims to the forbidden and dangerous parts of the ocean to collect human objects, which causes her to be followed and almost eaten by a shark. Ariel has a secret treasure trove where her collection is hidden from her father who dislikes humans and the human world. Ariel comes to resent her ocean home and longs to live on land.
A large storm occurs and Prince Erick's ship begins to sink. All the men survived the shipwreck, but Eric decided to return to rescue his dog. When doing so, the fireworks on the ship lit and causes the ship to catch on fire and sink. Eric did not make it in time and sank along with the ship. Ariel saves Prince Eric and safely takes him ashore. As Eric wakes up, yet still dazed, he slightly sees a beautiful girl and hears a marvelous voice singing.
Ariel falls in love with Prince Eric and longs to be with him forever. Prince Eric falls in love with Ariel's voice and becomes determined to find her.
Ursula, the sea witch, promises Ariel legs and a happily ever after on land with Prince Eric in exchange for her voice, but theres a catch. Ariel must get Eric to kiss her by sunset of the third day, and if not, her soul will belong to Ursula for the rest of eternity.
Hero's Journey: The Little Mermaid
Period 6
Ursula convinces Ariel to make a deal with her. She sells her soul for legs, but Ariel must also give up her voice to Ursula in exchange for this. In order to retrieve her voice and keep her legs forever, Ariel must get Prince Eric to kiss her by sunset on the third day.
Ariel has become obssesed with the thought of Eric and the world above. Sebastian tries to warn Ariel of the dangers ahead and attempts convince her that the ocean is truly better. He also states that she needs to stop dreaming and fulfill her ocean princess duties, like showing up to her concert that she did not attend to hunt for human objects.
Ariel faces the last challenge in her journey. Scuttle came to inform Ariel that the woman that Eric is marrying is actually Ursula in disguise, and that came through in her reflection. It is now up to Ariel, Scuttle, Sebastian, Flounder, and with a little extra help from some animal friends, to get Ariel's voice back from Ursula (which is contained in a seashell necklace on Ursula's neck) and get Eric to see that Ariel is the one.
Now Ariel is back in the Ocean to finally defeat Ursula for good. King Triton ends up surrendering his soul for Ariel's, giving Ursula even more power with the posession of the King's triton. She then transforms herself into a giant monster.
Ursula grows into a giant and declares herself as the ruler of all the ocean with the ability to control the waves and the sea . She then creates a rainstorm to separate Eric from Ariel and a whirlpool to raise some shipwrecks. Ursula then imprisons Ariel at the bottom of the whirlpool and decides to kill the princess. Using the trident, Ursula fires multiple destructive blasts at Ariel, who just barely manages to avoid them. While being so consentrated on destroying Ariel and her dreams forever, She doesnt notice Eric coming up behind her in one of the shipwrecks.
Prince Eric gains possestion of one of the shipwrecks and uses it to his advantage. Using the shipwrecks damaged, pointy, bow; he stabs it straight through Ursula's belly finally defeating her. Along with her death, all of the souls she captured through her dream promising trap, including King Triton's, are released to freedom. Ariel, Prince Eric, and the whole ocean kingdom are now safe.
However, Ariel is now stuck back in the ocean, without legs, without Eric, without her dreams. King Triton realizes how much his little girl has grown and what she can and has come to accomplish on her own. He decides to give Ariel back her legs and bless her marriage to Prince Eric, unifying their kingdoms.
Master of two worlds
Ariel has accomplished her dreams and has come to prove to herself and her father that she is grown and can do things on her own and that the human world isnt the terrible place he thought that it was.
Crossing the first threshold
What has she learned?
Ariel was placed through many tests and has never given up. She became a stronger person and less gullible to what people tell her. In the end, she has worked for everything she wanted and received them.
Thank you!
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