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Virginia Colony

No description

Carter Motsch

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Virginia Colony

Founded by whom
Virginia Colony
Virginia was founded by English Investors, and granted by James l. Founded because group of English investors petitioned James for a charter to plant colonies in Virginia.
The location of the virginia colony was along the coasts of North America near the James River.
Type of colony
Edwin Sandys first gave the colony the right to elect its own assembly to propose laws. The new government contained a governor, 6 councilors, and 20 representatives. The assembly was named House of Burgesses. An English court revoked the company's charter, and Virginia became a royal colony run by a governor appointed by the king.
Religious Affiliation
Law mandated Virginians worship the Anglican Church.
Virginians not tolerant of non- Christian religions.
How People Lived
Wealthy people lived in great houses on large plantations. Average people had small houses with 1 or 2 wooden buildings on their land for what they needed.
Virginia was named for England's "Virgin Queen" Elizabeth 1.
The Major cash crop of Virginia
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