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Pole Vault

No description

Andrea Johnson

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of Pole Vault

History of Pole Vaulting Technique Transformation of Pole Vaulting Large sticks or tree limbs
Wooden poles (19th Century)
Bamboo (pre-World War II)
Metal (post-World War II)
Fiberglass composite poles (1950)
Carbon fiber poles Origin:


Irish Tailteann Games (1829 B.C.)

Men's Olympic event (1896)

Women's Olympic event (2000) Pole vaulter sprints down a runway Plants his pole in the takeoff box. Vaulter uses the pole to go over the crossbar and into the landing area Trying not to knock down the crossbar Hands stay on the pole, until over the crossbar Skill Health What fitness components are needed in pole vaulting? Rules Vaulting Area Equipment The box is 60 cm wide in the front and 15 cm wide at the back. Pole placed in a one-meter long box. There can be 2 markers on the runway only. The vaulting area is a runway 40 meters long. The crossbar is 4.5 meters wide. Poles are the least regulated apparatus at the Olympics. The pole can be made of any material The basic surface has to be smooth Can have protective layers of tape at the grip and the bottom Competitors begin at a low height. Competitors can start at any height announced by the chief judge. A successful vault is recognized if the crossbar remains in the same place. Vaulters use their own poles There are no restrictions for the poles diameter, length, or weight Competitors have THREE opportunities to clear each height. Once the vaulter leaves the ground, he/she may not move their hands. The vaulter who clears the greatest height is the winner. How to Pole Vault Preparing to Pole Vault Approaching the bar Clearing the bar Warm Up for 10-15 minutes
Check pits and poles for damage
Start small Dominant hand goes on top
Opposite hand is placed shoulder width apart
Build up speed and lower the pole Plant and push up the pole
Drive forward with dominant knee
Once upside down push off top of pole to give extra height
After you clear the bar push the pole away and land on your back. The End Strength
Flexibility Speed
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