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Nature & its effects

No description

Amber Ridley

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Nature & its effects

Nature and& it's effects Arctic The arctic is one of the most coldest , most quiet and definatly most beautiful cold place. Within the past few years , its gotten
much warmer up North now than it's ever been. Thats causing the ice caps to melt. More Polar Bears are dying by drowning in all the water available now. They can swim up to great distances but not great enough to save them from drowning. Some people say ' I didnt get to see
dinosours so why would i care if my
kids/grankids dont get to see a polar
bear ' which proves my point exactly.
we all wanted to see dinosours no
matter if you believe in them or not
. your kids/grankids would want to see
a polar bear. why not help save the earth ,
to let them see what they might never see.
let your dinosours , be there polar bears
Lake's and pollution People have always been trying to
stop pollution and doing stuff
involving how little good drinking
water we have , compared to the
large oceans with salt water.
Others are more worried about using
re-usable water bottles and a brita
to re-full it.
Theres ALOT of water on earth , but not
all of it is good to drink. we use water in
almsot everything! baking , drinks , bathing
and others you wuldnt believe you needed water. There are people living in
the Amazon Rain Forest , called
Yanomami. They basicly live on needs
rather than wants , meaning they might WANT
and Xbox 360 like American Kids but they know
they NEED shelter and food.
Nature supplies all the need's for them .
Example: I read this in Geography that the Yanomami would
take feathers[animals:nature] , wrap it around the tree
[nature] , wait 3-4 weeks for it to eventually die ,
fall down to build a garden[nature] and grow food[nature].
They use their environment , while we use factories and what
ever we can get our hands on. Nature has its ups and downs.
one day it would be nice and hot.
the next cold and rainy.
than the next , snow or hail?
Nature's unpredictable , but you gotta love it.
Nature has its unpredictable suprises like:
Tornado's , Earth Quakes and tsunami's.
thats just the way of nature.

Definiton of nature the natural world as it exists
without human beings or
civilization. Thank-you for listening to
my essay on nature and its
effects. hope you learned
some stuff and enjoyed
watching. The world BEFORE us
how it changed Before humans and in the past
hundred years we didnt have
cars . we got around by boat or
walking . we didnt have dish washers
or washing machines . we had to use
water , sticks and a bucket .
we used to rely on nature for things
like food , cleaning and health.
that changed , now we reply on factories to do all that.
sometimes we forget all the things
nature does for us.
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