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Lauren Kennedy

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

My dream college- CalArts What is CalArts? Calarts stands for California Institute of Arts.
It is a private college based on visual and
performing arts. There are dance programs,
drama majors, photography classes, screenwrite
lessons, and much more. Calarts is considered
one of the top (if not THE TOP) drama institute(s) in
America. Want to go to CalArts? The tuition for a year at Calarts is pretty
spendy- $37,684 dollars exactly. But it is a very
elite school with only around 900 students.
Getting into Calarts is very difficult- there is
only a 30% exceptance rate. But if you can get
past all this, there would be lots of options for
you. Plus, you would get lots of private teaching,
and be able to make bonds with your class-
mates and teachers. CalArts programs California Institute of Arts programs include-
1. Dance
2. Theater design and technology
3. Directing and theatrical production
4. Music theory and compositon
5. Cinemotogrophy and film/video production
6. Visual and performing arts related
7. Fine studio arts
...and many more! CalArts fun facts 1.Calarts has no mascot, only a cool word design
as shown.

2. Calarts has quite a few interesting clubs. Among
them are-
- Freestyle rap club
- Bocce club
- Capture the flag club
- Comic book club The California Institute of Arts is my dream college because I'd be able to become an actress, which is one of my biggest dreams. It offers many class options, plus I could get a good degree in something I really love. I hope one day I can really go to CalArts!
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