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Canoe Build Planner

Project plan, materials and tools needed to build the Waterman 13 by the beginning of August 2010.

Simon White

on 8 November 2010

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Transcript of Canoe Build Planner

The Order of Work PHASE 1 - Planking

Buy Phase 1 Materials and Tools
Mark out planks
Roughly cut out planks
Plane and surform planks
Scarph Joint Planks
Stitch Planks PHASE 2 Epoxy and Glass

Epoxy Fillet Planks and Remove Stitches
Tape and epoxy inside seams
Tape and epoxy outside seams
Glass and epoxy sheath outside of hull PHASE 3 - Fitting Out

Cut and fit inwhales
Cut and fit bulkheads
Cut and fit fore and aft decks
Cut and fit Outwhale
Manufacture and fit seats
Maufacture and fit yolk PHASE 4 - Finishing

Sand and varnish inside of boat
Prepare, fill, sand and paint outside of boat
Manufacture two paddles LAUNCH! Phase 1 Shopping list, prices and contact details 4x 5mm Marine Ply 2440mmx1220mm
Stanley Block Plane
Plastic covered garden wire
Small amount of Epoxy for Scarphing
Epoxy brushes and pots £100

£200 Phase 2 Shopping List Epoxy
Glass Tape
Glass Sheet
Mixing pots
Squeegee £100

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