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hudson bishop

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of dogs

More than 100,000,000 animals are poisoned, burned, crippled and abused in other ways in U.S. labs each year, that is insane!!
Animal Cruelty
No legal rights, but everything has to be done humanly
North Dakota: no felony-level penalties for egregious acts of cruelty and has weak anti-cruelty laws.
South Dakota: no felony-level penalties for outstandingly bad acts of cruelty and has one of the weakest laws against cockfighting in the country
Worst states of animal abuse
200 chinchillas
35 rabbits
20 foxes
8 seals
What it takes to make a 40 inch fur coat...
Victims of animal cruelty
"Animal Abuse Facts and Statistics."
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"10 Interesting Animal Cruelty Facts."
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"Do Animals Have Legal Rights?"
Do Animals Have Legal Rights?
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Do animals even have legal rights?
hour of power
For my hour of power, I walked up and down first street and every person I walked by I started a conversation with. What I talked to them about was some surprising facts about animal cruelty and there reactions were unexpected. Most of the people I talked to had no idea that any of these things were going on, not even the guy that worked at the pet store! Which shows how little most people about animal cruelty and that's why i tried spreading the word and try to make a change.
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