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Government Regulation

No description

michelle ashmore

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of Government Regulation

Government Regulation
What effect does regulation have on Businesses?
increased cost to produce goods

increased prices

increased rules

decrease in variety

decrease in productivity & efficiency
What effect does regulation have on consumers?
increased prices

increase in quality

decrease in variety

decrease in quantity available
when the government removes regulations/restrictions
using laws to control what businesses can do
Since the government is involved in the market... they also provide the people with certain public goods.
public good - goods used by all members of society, regardless of ability to pay

ex: parks, police, DOT, fire
why does the government regulate the marketplace??
provide public goods
promote competition
resolve market failures (bail outs)
ensure price and quality of certain goods
keep any one group from getting too much power
why does the government
provide them?
because it would be impractical to make you pay individually or exclude non-payers

provides positive externalities -- positive side effects that benefit many people.
what Economic Systems
have public goods?
sometimes the side effects are not so great...
negative externality - negative side effect.

these people that take advantage are called freeloaders

There is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
1. Have you ever tried to start your own business? What obstacles did you face?

2. How might government regulations help businesses and/or consumers? How might regulations hinder them?
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