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What does it mean to be " Human "?

What does it mean to be a human? It is simply to survive and enjoy our precious limited time

Kevin Jeng

on 15 August 2010

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Transcript of What does it mean to be " Human "?

What does it mean to be a Human? For me, to be a human is to use/enjoy the precious time that u have been given and beware of others ending yours faster, whcih is to survive. Every second is precious, you have to use it effectively, do something with more meaning and not waste it. Once the time has passed off, we can't go back and change time anymore so we should be living more happier. Try not to accept any failures, don't regret, if you have did something wrong in the past, just try to forget it and move on, don't let the bad mood overcome your next. Living in life is tough, nothing is perfect for you and everyone because if everything is perfect for one person, others will think why isn't the world perfect for me? To do anything you want is also part of life, like shopping... but there is time that you have to do something
you don't want... All humans are different, no one is 100% exactly identical. If the world is same, it would be a boring world. Everyones dreams, thoughts, and desires are all different. Those desires are hard to be accomplished, but it makes us something we can persue for in our life. Life is all about developement, we all need something new, we all have desires for something new...If there weren't any invensions and developements, there wouldn't be a today... Every Human have different unique characteristics and peronalities. Some are more expressive, shy, emotional, etc. Today, humans take control over the planet Earth. Humans are more unique and powerful among all the organisms in the world but with great power, comes great "responsibility". Humans need to learn to be more responsible.
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