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Allyse Feltell

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is a scientist, who is known as an author and science commentator on the Australian radio. He is most referred to as Dr Karl. he holds degrees in mathematics, biomedical engineering, medicine and also surgery. his full name is Karl Sven Woytek Sas Konkivitch Matthew Kruszelnicki.
Early Years
Dr Karl Kruszelnicki was born in Helsingborg sweden, 1948. Both of His parents were Holocaust survivers. His mother was hiding her background from him for a long time, His mother told him that she was Swedish and a lutheran but was, in fact, Jewish.

Dr Karl's Storey
Dr karl attended Secondary School Education at Eton Rice Christian Brothers College in Wollongong, NSW in 1960 to 1964. He Received a Commonwealth Scholarship to University.
He then went to Tertiary Education at the Wollongong Campus of the University of New South Wales in 1965 to 1967, in running for an award of Science in Mathematics and Physics.
Dr Karl also read for a Master of Science in Astrophysics at the Wollongong Campus of the University in New South Wales in 1968 to 1969.
in 1977 he also Studied as a miscellaneous student in Computer Science at the University of New South Wales.
Writing books, being a scientist and comentaiting.
Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki
Karl Kruszelnicki has a wife and 3 children
Karls Writen Books
Fidgeting fat, Exploding meat, gobling whirly birds, dinosaurs arent dead, Never mind the bullocks, science is golden.
here is a short video of dr karl
Refugee Life!!
Dr Karl Came on a boat from a Swedish refugee camp in 1950, after his parents escaped Nazi concentration camps. His dad was a refugee smuggler. Karl said
"refugees arent comming her because we have really good tv shows...... their coming here because people are shooting at them"

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