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Legend by Marie Lu

No description

tilo garcia

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Legend by Marie Lu

Legend by Marie Lu
Plot Summary
Legend is about a boy named Day, who's brother is infected by a special illness. As he tries to steal a cure from a hospital, Day gets framed for murder of a soldier. June, sister to the soldier who got murdered, takes the case to go undercover and try to find Day. June finds Day and they get emotionally attached to each other. When June goes back to her commander, Day is thrown into jail. For more, read the book :)
Main Characters
Quote #3
"Maybe Day didn't kill Metias, I tell myself. Maybe it was someone else."(June)
Quote #1
“June has never looked more beautiful than she does now, unadorned and honest, vulnerable yet invincible.”-Day
This is important to the story because it is showing how Day has feelings for June.
Quote #2
"Day leans in toward me. He reaches up to touch my face. I can tell it still hurts him to use his fingers, and his nails are dark with dried blood. 'You're brilliant,' he says. 'But you're a fool to stay wish someone like me.' I close my eyes at the touch of his hand. 'Then we're both fools.'" (June)
This is important to the story because this is the reason June helps Day escape from prison.
This quote shows that June is falling for Day because she is making excuses to protect him.
This book takes place in the future when America is split into 2 halves. One half is the Republic and one half is the Colonies.
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