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Copy of Active voice, Passive voice, and Moody verbs

No description

Mary Adams

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Active voice, Passive voice, and Moody verbs

Name that Voice!
Passive Voice
Name that Voice!

At each concert, the soprano sang at least one tune from a well-known opera.
The Product
Name that voice:
My car was stolen!
Active or Passive?
We will watch a movie tonight.
The savanna is roamed by beautiful giraffes.
1) A cotton mouth was wrestled by Ernie
the Wild Man.

2) Paul was robbed by a psychotic man.

3) The television was watched by Maria.
Active Voice
1) John walked into the woods.

2) The giant man-baby in a diaper ran
down the street

3) Skating in the street at night can be
4) Cathy smacked Abby Lee with her

5) A psychotic man tried to rob

6) She ate the poisonous food.
Examples (continued)
C. a sentence where the subject is performing the verb.
When a sentence has active voice in it, this means that the subject in the sentence is performing the verb.
Passive Voice
When a sentence is passive, the target
of the action gets promoted to the
subject position.
Examples (continued)
4) The computer was used by Mrs. Klein.

5) The car was stepped on by a giant man-baby
who was wearing a diaper.

6) The ice-cream man was attacked by zombie
No subject committed the theft!
Eli mailed the letter.
At each concert, a well-known tune from an opera was sung by a soprano.
The ballots have been counted.
Name that Voice!
The high jump record was finally broken last Saturday.
The police questioned the suspect.
Sometimes our efforts are not fully appreciated.
Colorful parrots live in the rainforest.
Question 1
What is active voice?
A. a verb
B. a noun
C. a sentence where the subject is performing the verb.
D. a sentence with verbs
Question 2:
Which of the following sentences demonstrates passive voice?
A. I like chicken.
B. The boy walked into the museum.
C. My grandmother is old.
D. The report was written by Jason.
Ms. Adams loves Fitz and the Tantrums.
Passive or Active?
First place is secured?!
D. The report was written by Jason.
Question 4
Question 3
True or false?
This is an indicative sentence:
Justin would play video games, but he is busy.
False: The sentence is not indicative because it does not state a fact, but it states something that could possibly happen in the future.
Question 6
Which sentence uses imperative mood?
A) What time is it?
B) Don't steal my stuff.
C) We are in fifth period.
D) If I smoke too much weed, then I will die.
D) Don't steal my stuff.
True or False?
This sentence is using interrogative mood:
Why did my turtle run away?
The sentence is using interrogative mood because it is asking a question.
Question 7
Which sentence is using active voice?
A) The bike was ridden by Carl.
B) The drumstick was thrown by Mr. Price.
C) The class was taught by Mrs. Skaff.
D) I rode the bus to school.
D) I rode the bus to school.
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