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olivia huffines

on 14 October 2014

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The History Of Military Robots

By Olivia H.
All About Denny Reynolds
What Denny Reynolds Made And What Was It Named After?

What The Radio Controlled Planes Helped With And What Time Was It During?
What Did Goliath Help With?
How Much Was It To Buy?
How Many Goliath Are There?
I'm Olivia and I'm going to be talking all about the history of military robots I hope you like my presentation.
Denny Reynolds was a british flyer in world war 1. Later he thought of the radio controlled planes he thought they would be perfect for target drone.
He made the Denny mites which were of course named after himself.
They helped with the target drone for the antiaircraft gunner when world war 2 was looming.
Goliath was a robot that was 1.50 m high. Goliath was 0.85 m wide and 0.6 m high. Goliath was serving in world war two.
Goliath helped Germany because it would go and blow up other equipment on a different side.
There are 3 Goliath s
they are called Goliath E
Goliath V and just plain Goliath.

Who Made The Radio Controlled Boat? And What Did He Do?
Nicola Tesla made the first military robot. Nicola Tesla was a scientist that made electronics he was born in 1856 and died in 1943 and he was 86 when he died.
What The Radio Controlled Boat Did?
What Did Teletank Do/What Was Its Purpose?
The Teletank helped in one of the most largest wars in Kursk Russia.

Thank You For Watching
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It was $3,000 for Goliath E.
It was $1,000 for Goliath V.
There weren't a lot made because of the prices.

The radio controlled robot was meant to be used in the military.
How Big Was the Radio Controlled Robot?
It Would Also Be Used For Guiding Torpedoes.
It Was Later Used To Guide Bombs As Well.
The radio controlled robot was about four feet long, it was heavy and was made out of steel craft.
What Were The Materials In The Radio Controlled Boat?
The materials in the boat were several large batteries,radio signal switches which control the propellers power, and scaled down running lights.
What Happened To The Radio Controlled Boat?
What happened was that Nicola was offering the U.S. navy the robot and they turned them down and the United Kingdom did as well.
What Was The Size Of The Dennymites And What Was It Powered By?
The wingspan of the Dennymite was 12 foot 3 inches.
The Dennymite was powered by a 6-hp engine.
How Many Dennymites Were Sold In All?
There were 53 sold during 1953.
But during pearl harbor after the incident they ordered over 15,000 of them!
What Was The Purpose Of Goliath?
Goliath would carry 100 pounds of explosives and would steer into the enemy's tanks and bunkers and blow up.
I learned a lot from this project and I hope you did too.
When Did They Use The Teletank?
They used it in the early 1930s-1940s and also in world war 2.
There were teletanks that had wire and hydraulics which helped with controlling the robot which is the one they used most.
Cool Facts I Learned About The Teletank.
The teletank was made 74 years ago in Russia.
When Russia took the teletank into war it was the first time in history anyone has ever brought a robot into war.
What The Teletank Had In It To Power It.
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