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on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of TWITTER

By: Marissa Carrillo, Soua Her,
Jonathan Garcia, Marco Santoyo

Create An Account
: There are two forms of re-tweeting
: Lets you reply to a tweet and say something about it.
: More often used as a bookmarking tool.

Celebrities Endorsement
“Hashtags are labels for content. Users label content by placing # in front of whatever keywords they’re using, to enable others to easily find and interact with content.” - Rob Wagner
It makes for others to be able to interact with each other under the same hashtag, making it easy for businesses to see what their consumers think of their brand.
McDonald’s uses the hashtag #ImLovinIt and all of its consumers can automatically relate that hashtag to the McDonald’s brand.
January 18, 2012, McDonalds created the hashtag #McDStories in hopes of people tweeting about positive experiences when eating McDonalds
“Negative tweets about the fast food giant began to proliferate, prompting the New York Observer to remark that ‘some stories are better left untold." -Huffington Post
-Tweets ranged from tweeting about being high while eating McDonald's to throwing up the food.
How to Re-tweet

The most obvious and important benefit to being re-tweeted is promotion of your twitter account (and by default, your website).
In order to be re-tweeted, you must create value (release of new product).
Content will be seen by a much wider audience of potential customers.

Followers are endorsing your company to their own followers.
Connecting with other users is key when developing a social media profile, they may therefore be more inclined to engage with you in return.
Creates future customers and clients.
Ellen DeGeneres
Is there a limit To re-tweeting?
No limit on how many times a tweet can be re-tweeted.
Counted toward 1000 tweet per day limit.

Founders: Evan Williams, Biz Stone, Jack Dorsey and Noah Glass
July 2005: Glass wanted to start a platform for podcasting
Fall 2005: Apple announced podcast platform on iTunes
Dorsey had an idea revolving around "status"
Feb 2006: Glass, Dorsey and developer Floridian Weber presented the idea to the company
The original idea was a SMS style platform
Glass had the idea to name it "twittr"
From a Text to a Tweet
Advertising through Twitter
A research from 1995 shows that celebrities endorser helps businesses increase sales.
Many companies are willing to invest in celebrities to represent their brands through Twitter.
Rules and Regulations
Paid or not?
Is that your honest opinion?
black and white areas

FTC announced that tweets from paid endorsers must be stated in the same tweet
costs vs. benefits
March 2006
Users are sending 50 million tweets per day
Over 100 million active monthly users
January 2015
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