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The Coyote and the Buffalo

No description

Tyson Perkins

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of The Coyote and the Buffalo

Buffalo Story By Tyson Perkins Selection and Author The selection I chose is, "The Coyote and the Buffalo" by the Okanogan which is retold by Mourning Dove. Summary Coyote was mocking Buffalo Bull's skull and Buffalo Bull came back to life to kill Coyote. Coyote give Buffalo Bull horns so he wouldn't kill Coyote. Buffalo Bull gave him a cow that will never run out of fat but Coyote broke the only promise, and that was to eat the fat, only. Literary Devices The Literary devices are:
Idioms: "In the wink of an eye"
Archetypal Characters: Like Coyote, used in many cultures Theme The theme is to explain why there is no buffalo across the river that separates present day US and Canada. The Moral is that one should always keep their promises. Literary Importance Folktales are important in our society as they help teach people, more specifically children, about morals and how things come to be as children understand them well. Relevance Today Today, folktales help children learn to read and analyze other cultures in different ways while enjoying a good story at the same time.
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