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Kevin Byrne - A Little More About Me!

A short Prezi showing examples of my work and what I am capable of producing

Kevin Byrne

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Kevin Byrne - A Little More About Me!

Who am I?
Online Campaigns
Goal: Community Growth
Video: Testing Time Outs
Kevin Byrne
28 Years Young
Enthusiastic, Creative Online Guy
Looking for a new challenge
This Short Prezi is designed to show prospective employers examples of my previous work - Hope you find it interesting!!
I have worked with EuroSTAR, the worlds largest
QA event for 7 years where I wear many hats -
Online Manager & Expo Manager amongst others...
18 Months ago: 8,000 members
Now: >23,000 members
Creating Quality Content for members
What Content?
Our community of software testers wanted
short, snappy, on demand content - Testing Time Outs were 5 - 10 minute video presentations on different topics
So we recorded 8 Time Outs onsite at EuroSTAR and released 1 a week for 8 weeks, take a look...
Very popular - over 4,500 views in total
TeamSTAR was devised as a campaign where testers would create short videos in order to win 4 free places to attend the EuroSTAR Conference
The test community decided on the winner through voting
12 entries
>12,000 votes
1 Winner
Result: Huge increase in web traffic & Increase in Community Members
Short 8 -20 page articles/white papers on test topics
8 eBooks released in 2011, over 11,000 downloads
Lots of new community members
Social Media
Growth of Social Networks
Facebook, Linked In & Twitter are valuable channels where we regularly interact with testers
EuroSTAR Expo
The Expo has grown to become the largest QA showcase in the world - Over 50 companies participate each year including:
I am responsible for the sales process and bringing in sponsors & exhibitors
Vibrant and busy expo
I also manage the onsite exhibition and work with partners throughout the year to ensure their objectives are met!
I love the web and new technologies and am excited at the opportunities (current & future) of working in an online environment
Disclaimer: Thinly veiled self-promotion!!
I am driven to work hard, to succeed and importantly to reach my full potential
I am a team player and enjoy brainstorming and discussing ideas with others - this isn't anything that can't be improved!!
Thank you for taking the time to look through this short Prezi. I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions or would like to speak with me about an available position, my contact details are a click away
email: kevinbyrne82@gmail.com
Telephone: +353 86 3252435
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