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Roles and life of women in the 1600's

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Kaity Cornwell

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Roles and life of women in the 1600's

Roles and life of women in the 1600's
In the early 17th century white women were given the right for basic learning and education.

After that they trained to be housewives and work fields.

They were discouraged to continue past basic learning.
Women wore simple clothing, almost like tunics.

Royal women wore extravagant dresses.

Life Expectancy In England
In the 17th century the life expectancy was only 35 years!

This was mainly because two-thirds of all children died before their 60% would die before they were 16.

Life Expectancy In America
The life expectancy in America during this time was only 25 years!

This was because of diseases that were passed from the ships and lack of resources.

In new England about 40% of children failed to reach adulthood.

By Kaity Cornwell
Women had no say so in government affairs, whatsoever.

Women could not get a divorce.

If a woman got a divorce, she would be stripped of all real-estate property and shunned by society.

Pale skin and blonde hair was found very attractive.
Women dyed their hair and used white lead paint on their skin to show wealth.
Having these features meant that you were wealthy and did not work outdoors.
Ornamental Patches
Women put little black patches on their face as a sort of way to tell their relationship status or to cover scars.
Right cheek: Married
Left cheek: Engaged
Corner of the eye: Someone's Mistress
Near the mouth: Flirtatious
They were made of silk or velvet.
Many people could not bathe very often, but people who got annoyed with smelling bad would bathe in a river or stream.
People would carry pomanders and sniff them if they came across a foul smell.
Instead of deodorant they would wash their armpits with white wine and boiled rosewater.
They made mouthwashes and breath fresheners out of herbs, spices, wine, and other substances.
A very common hairstyle in the 17th century was parted in the middle with the top flattened and the sides frizzed out.
This was made popular by Henrietta of France.
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