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No description

Sophia LI

on 24 September 2010

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Transcript of Edicator

Edicator Identfy It is a site where you log in and start a confrence,you can put a document in by just draging.When you want to call just invite some people and start a confrence. This is diffrent from skype and i chat because standeredcaller can edit the document while you are on the chat. Background When you have calls sometimes you cant see the persons mouth so you can understand the pronounceation Challenge People can't see the expression of the person their talking to and sometimes they can't understand what other people are saying and their are misunderstandings Connection you can see your audience while they speak. you can also view your document while everyone speaks.Also you can have intrest connections with each other or emotional connections. Use you can host confrence calls with documents and you can also email each other if you can't be on at the same time. Use Identify Name Edicator, if it is email it would be ......@edicator.com Change People can now edit their documents while the information is still fresh. Upgrade this is the upgrade not only because you can edit the document while talking.Your account natrally can make the person who is talking to everyone who is in the confrence pop up, so you know who is talking Advatages you can see people clearly. Disadvanteges has to be able to connect to internet. have to go on internet to activate account this is the i chat logo that is the skype logo
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