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Twelfth Night Act 1 scenes Haiku

Students write haikus and find images that represent the scenes in Act I of Twelfth Night

Philip Leigh

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Twelfth Night Act 1 scenes Haiku

Each Student, please paste a Haiku and a relevant image for each scene of Act I. Label your square with your name A Journey Through Act I Act I.i Act I.v Drowning out at sea
O, What a terrible fate
Drama irony (aimen) Act I.ii Toby told a lie
So he could keep getting high
with them filthy cheeks (aimen) Act I.iii Orsino sent Vi'
To 'fess love to 'Livia
Cuz he's too chicken (aimen) Act I.iv She's Played by a food
In a sly contest of wits
and they call him clown... Fool Madonna Sick stone Dishonest Cruel Heaven Hell Appetite ill mourn gentlewoman. proof idleness self-love Fortunes rudeness discreet Orsino Wants love
Instead he asks for more food
what a silly man (aimen) Just like a male deer
Chased by a hound, Orsino
Is chased by his love (takumi) Orosino is a lazy fool
Lounging about all day talking of rubbish
When will he change activities? (alicia) My god livia
Will you go hunt her? My lord
say what? Curio (steve) In love is the duke,
Consumed by the illness,
Oh how it jukes, (mark) Brother might have lived?
Here is gold for saying that
Now help me change clothes (takumi) Brother drowned at sea
Here I go working for sino
Here, some gold for you (steve) In order to live

I must change who I am

Hide the real me
(Alicia) Tallest guy in town
Could he have noticed deep down
That he's got no chance (takumi) Shut up Maria
He got the baby ducats
Which has got magic (steve) Brother is not found Viola earns love for dukeBe man to chase duke (sandy) Good sir conceal me,
Gold shall be your company,
Orsino we'll see (Mark) Toby’s only friend
Is alcohol and money
Sir Andrew is nothing (alicia) Sir Toby Belch,
Oh how you spend your hours,
Drinking followed by a belch?
(Mark) Liv’s heart has been struck
But are her feelings pure
If the love is false?(Alicia) Where is my cesario
That chick has stole my heart away
Woo your chick you say ! I'll return this ring
That he didn't even give me
So that he'll like me (Takumi) Viola must go
Woo the lady the duke likes
But what of her feelings? (Takumi) Questionable Love,
Why do you chose without leave?
And make life hard so, (Mark) The average person
is not how I’ll present you
For you are special http://us.123rf.com/400wm/400/400/carlodapino/carlodapino0806/carlodapino080600060/3307800-beautiful-girl-in-hesitation-to-choose-between-sweet-or-diet-food.jpg One wise lady here
Dueling with a mere fool
Yet she thinks it right(Alicia) Take the fool away,
For she breaks her vow of mourn,
And falls inlove so (Mark) http://static5.depositphotos.com/1011833/531/i/950/depositphotos_5312393-Single-hand-of-drowning-man-in-sea-asking-for-help.jpg http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_JDCC3mlsw3I/S0j5GBhrBKI/AAAAAAAAAlE/2YPxFEKepzM/s320/ducats.jpg http://kara.allthingsd.com/files/2009/05/woo-hoo.jpg http://www.wireandtwine.com/img/products/special/special-02.jpg No chance drew with her.
Rich Drew loves Olivia
Drew thinks like a fool
(sandy) She’s a man of Duke
Cesario helps Duke’s love Loves the wrong person.
(sandy ) A genius here
With a fool and a servant
Love begins right here (jason) Love is all he need
For now, just in this minute
So give it to him (jason) The tale that we heard
And who we see standing here
Is the same person (jason) Sir Toby Belch
Begging him by fake stories
Such a good young man (jason) She got a new name
Fair and young Cesario
Viola no more (jason) Excess of love
Can he live with it?
Or the appetite may sicken? (Kitty) Who am I?
No matter what you see
It is not true (Kitty) Sir Andrew
Pleasure to be a fool
Olivia, would you marry me? (Kitty) She's the man
Cesario be the best man of Duke, but
What about Viola's heart? (Kitty) Marvolio, give this ring to him
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