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Putting it All Together

No description

Anna LiPuma

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Putting it All Together

Putting it All Together
From Beginning to End
Throughout the writing process students should have a purpose or an end goal in mind, that is to share their work just as a museum displays a wall of artwork. Writing begins with an idea or the selection of a topic. It continues through the process as the piece is drafted, revised and proofread until the final product is revealed or published. There are many ways to publish a piece but first let's explore why it is so important.

Reading and writing go hand in hand. As students write they are also developing skills that help in reading. They are learning the conventions of writing - sentence structure, punctuation, verb usage, spelling. The process of creating a final, published piece instills the importance of writing as a way to construct meaning and communicate with others. It also gives them a sense of authorship and accomplishment. (Cooper, 2012)
As Cooper states, "It doesn't matter how children publish their writing as long as the
Of course the most obvious way to publish a piece is by creating a book. This is a great way to build the class library and encourage the reading of each other's work. There are endless possibilities including:
-devoting a special bulletin board
-having a special day/chair and choosing a child to read their story to the class
-creating a class newspaper
-student blogs
-making Power Point or Prezi to share
Pride and Ownership
As students publish more and more work, their sense of pride in themselves as a writer will grow. In turn this will also increase their confidence as a reader. As they share their work with others, their excitement for literacy will motivate them to continue the pursuit of language. Have fun exploring the different ways to "show off" their hard work!

Cooper, D. (2012). Literacy: Helping students construct meaning. Belmont: Wadsworth.
Key Points to Remember
Knowing they are going to publish and share the work gives students a purpose and an audience. It should be noted that not every piece of writing warrants the need to be published. But for those pieces that do, the final copy should be the best possible copy; that is, it has been checked for errors, is neat and has a nice presentation.
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