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Ideology Project-Independent

All About the Independent Party.

Liliana K

on 11 October 2015

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Transcript of Ideology Project-Independent


Yes, everyone has the right to vote, but not everyone can state their true beliefs on the voting ballot.....
If you are an Independent voter, then you are not in luck:
There are only two options to identify yourself as; a Democrat or a Republican.

So, what do you choose?
This may seem unfair to many since there has been a rapid increase of members of the Independent Party.
Hopefully in the future there will be adjustments made to make voting easier.
Current Issue #1:
Should gay marriage be legal?
Independents both believe that either gay marriage should be legal or not.
There isn't any certain affinity with either Democrats or Republicans.
Current Issue #2: Gay Marriage
Washington had demonstrated his concern with having two political parties pretty much so:

Washington stated, “I was no party man myself, and the first wish of my heart was, if parties did exist, to reconcile them.”

George Washington pretty much wasn’t for parties from the start. Even though he wasn't the first president, he was the first Independent president. George Washington was the first, and last Independant.
Famous Independent Member:
George Washington
Famous Independent Member:
LL Cool J
The Independent Party
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Liliana Kotval
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Abby Banks
Allison Colon
Matt Warner
Grace Demers

The Independent Party has no set beliefs.
Some may not agree on somethings, such as abortion or immigration.
What makes up the Independent Party? The Independent Party members are not Democrat or Republican.
Also people that have no knowledge of politics or who do not choose to care are usually apart of this party.
Current Issue #3: Abortion
Abortion: Legal?
Beliefs: Independents again, agree with either Republicans or Democrats.
Democrats believe that abortion should be legalized because it's the mothers' choice.

Republicans believe that abortion should be illegal because they believe that the unborn baby should have a chance at life.
Independents can vote as either Republican or Democrat, which makes voting harder than it is for Democrats or Republicans. There hasn't been an Independent president since George Washington. The people of this group are split on many decisions, from gay marriage to abortions. Many famous people have switched to the Independent party, such as rapper LL Cool J. The Independent party has no set beliefs, so their opinions can vary.

Independents agree on different things.
Voting can be difficult for Independents.
Some agree... some don't.
Independents side with both.
The first and last Independent U.S. president.
Independent believer: LL Cool J
The Independent Party believes in many things.
When voting, Independents pick the best candidate, despite the party they belong to.
Jackie Robinson was considered an Independent.
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