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Smartphone importance as a health promotional tools: By Nasser Dhim, University Of Sydney

Smartphone and health Presented at Sydney Gulf Forum by Nasser BinDhim 09/2012

Nasser F BinDhim

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Smartphone importance as a health promotional tools: By Nasser Dhim, University Of Sydney

Perceived Usefulness Portable Accessibility Perceived ease of use Why Smartphone? Smartphone Apps Importance as health promotional Tools Smartphone Uptake Australia In 2011, the smartphones’ usage accounted for 67% of all mobile-phone handsets in Australia up from 37% in 2010. Australia 33% have downloaded health-related apps in the last 12 months, an increase from 23% in 2010. Gulf Region In 2012, 46% of mobile users in the UAE, Saudi Arabia are using smartphone devices. Gulf Region 8 of 10 smartphone users have downloaded apps and 82% of the users have downloaded apps at least once a month. App Uptake example in Australia and Saudi Arabia Health Apps and Language In Android Market approximately 47% of the apps in the Health & Fitness Category are in English language. Sadly Arabic language are not anywhere on the list. Smartphone and Health Research Diet Mental Health Behavioral Health Allergy & Medication Record Unique device identifier Diagnosis tools Lifestyle Monitoring Testing the Feasibility Results 1,013 Users 253 Users 48.5% 51.5% Users use on average 2 health related apps, and a range form 1 - 6 apps. 27.8% of the users are using their health related apps at least once a week. Summary & Cooperation opportunities Thank You - Web applications - PC applications Web Applications Easy to update Mass communication (Social) Limited accessibility PC Applications High processing ability Data stored locally Limited accessibility
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