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Carnaval De Barranquilla

No description

Carla G.R

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Carnaval De Barranquilla

The carnaval takes place over a four day period which consists of one main event on each day.
How do you join?
In order to be apart of this colourful and magical event you can ether be a by stander walking the very busy and crowded streets or buy tickets to be right on the sidewalk or bleachers where the parades happen.
Reserving hotels and flights must be done a long time in advanced because it is a place that many tourists go and streets get very full.
In order to have your own float or part in the parade you must register and pay a fee
Some of the main components of the Fesitival are...
Baranquilla, Colombia is where Carnaval de Baranquilla is located.
The Carnaval itself takes place for four days every year. That last from the early day onto late at night
This year this event will be held on February 14-17
Cultural components
3 facts that intrigued us
What is this carnaval about?
Where and when does this take place?
Este es una mapa de Baranquilla
Este es una anuncio para el evento
Carnaval De Baranquilla is a folklore celebration that takes place 40 days before holy week in Colombia.
The costumes, music and dances represent the diversity of the different cultures
The Carnival originates from a combination of pagan ceremonies, catholic beliefs, African, Aboriginal, European and ethnic diversity.
There is still much debate on the true meaning of this event but the most agreed meaning is that carnaval celebrates a birth of a new year and the overall culture of Baranquilla with dance, songs and the traditional costumes
Esta es la bandera de Barranquilla
Un Flotador en el desfile
Este es un video del carnaval del ano passado

There are many costumes and outfits that are traditional or some more non-traditional that are apart of Carnaval de Barranquilla every year
These are the top 5 common/Traditional costumes
There are many costumes that are included in the carnaval every year. Some traditional and some not
Top 5 most traditional and common costumes
The most common costume is the Marimonda
It is the only character that is original to Barranquilla
This character represents the happiness and cheer of Barranquilla
The monocuco is another common costume
It originates from Inquisition where the excecutioners wore similar outfits
The outfit requires a mask because in the past the executioners wore them so they could speak against government and not have their identity shown
This costume is called El Congo and is one of the oldest characters
The costume originates from African culture who were originally taken as slaves to Colombia in 1600's
This costume represents the history, culture and music of their homeland
This costume is called La negrita Puloy
This costume originated from a detergent (Like how we have the famous pin up muscle girl)
Women paint themselves in blackface and dress themselves up into the polka dot dress
This costume is called El son de negro.
This is another costume that could be easily seen as racist but is used in Barranquilla with no problem.
Men paint themselves in black paint with colorful hats and making faces representing what and "African man" looks like in their own stereotype.
This is one of the most popular costumes
2 Vocab words
1. Personaje(s) - Character(s)

2. Máscara - Mask
1. One fact that we found out that intrigued us was no one really knows for sure where the origin of Carnaval de Barranquilla is or how it truly started.
2. A fact that intrigued us was how with the costumes like El son de negro and negrita de popoya , it could be seen as racist where we are and would not be acceptable but in Barranquilla it is accepted, a loved character and everyone seemly is okay with it. Sometimes even African-Colombians go as those characters too!
Un foto del traje de Monocuco
Battle of the Flowers
Arcilla arte de los personajes
The battle of the flowers is the most traditional and well known event of the whole carnaval
El Caracter de Marimonda
El caracter de El Congo
La traje de Negrita Ouloy
El miradad de El son de negro
The carnaval is lead with the chosen queen who dances amongst princes and princesses while throwing flowers in the air.
The parade is filled with ...
The event is a six hour long parade filled with extravagant sites
Colorful floats
Folk groups
Fire breathers
The Four Days
Day one

Day two
The Great Parade
The Great parade happens on the following day of the Battle of Flowers
This parade holds a very special event where dance groups battle for the coveted prize of being able to dance in the Battle of the flowers parade the following year.
The parade consists of people dancing in big over the top costumes and masks

It is known as the day where everyone wears masks
This parade however does not have floats in the parade and anyone may join in unlike the Battle of flowers parade
Day three
Day three
Orchestra festival & Fantasy Parade

On day three there is an orchestra festival that is filled with Latin and Caribbean music.
The festival holds a competition for groups to compete for the prize of the coveted Golden Congo.
There is also another parade on this day that is full of more music and dancing.
The fantasy parade is known for people wearing very big and crazy costumes.
Burial of Joselito Carvajal
This is the last day of the carnaval that consists of a burial and a small parade.

It is the day where people celebrate the life of Joselito Carvajal, a very important character in the carnaval.

Joseito represents all the happiness, joy and fun during the carnival.

Everyone mourns on his death on this day and has a parade to represent on Joselitos life.

Joselito comes alive on the first day of the carnival and dies on the last day of the carnival.

La reina esta lanzando flores.
Una mujar esta usando una mascara en el carnaval.
Uno gropo de hombres vestidos con trajes en el carnaval
Un grupo de hombres estan celebrando de Joselito's vida.

Costumes is the main component of this festival.
3. A fact that intrigued us that we found while doing our research was that they celebrate the death of a non human character on the last day of the festival. We think its very odd that they do that and know one really knows why they do it, its just tradition.
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