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Dangers of Static Electricity

No description

derp derp

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Dangers of Static Electricity

Static Electricity
Dont play with static at gas stations, hospitals or on your phone.
How to be safe!
Raise the humidity by using a humidifier
Other dangers of static
if your computer is running too long without shutting down it could shock and explode your computer. This could also happen your to iphone or any phone or electrronic device!
What happens when your shocked?
The electrons jump to the atoms of your body and go into your nerves and you get a response, a shock. You move back because your mucsles contract causing you to jerk back.
Another One Is!
Static electricity is dangerous in hospitals because in the operating rooms, the doctors wear bright colored clogs (shoes) that may make sparks so it can cause anesthetic air to explode!
Dangers of static
Static Electricity
Static can be to annoy or fun but can cause major damage. Eg: Lightning is static electricity and is deadly.
About Static
Static can be made by rubbing insulating materials. The negative electrons attract positive electrons and vice-versa and are like really weak magnets.
There is a danger that static may ignite the gasoline during refueling. Scary!
People have been killed just by refueling.
Try to find the easter egg!
des oeufs de Paques
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