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Paths of Glory

No description

John Doe

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Paths of Glory

Paths of Glory
Background of Paths of Glory
Fictional novel written in 1935 by WWI veteran Humphrey Cobb
Stanley Kubrick adapted the novel into a movie in 1957
Quick Rundown of Plot
During WWI, the French 181st regiment is assigned to take a German held hill
The unprepared French soldiers lose
A few squads never even leave their trenches
Don't need to give away the rest
What Cobb (and thus Kubrick too) is Trying to Say About Military Leaders
1. Higher-up officials in the story isolate themselves
1.5. Live far from, and don't talk to, their soldiers
2. Isolation leads to a lack of understanding, and thus empathy
3. Lack of empathy causes the officials to make unwise decisions
4. Lastly, the officials in the story represent officials that led the actual war itself
The Life of a Soldier
Pimped out Life of a Higher-up Official
Presentation by Me
Example of a Lack of Empathy In Higher-up Officials
The soldiers are in no shape to attack the German hill
Had finished fighting another battle+marching for hours
None of the regular officials, or soldiers, think that they will win
Despite the warnings, the higher-up officials proceed with the attack anyway
Cannot put themselves in the shoes of their tired and demoralized men
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Wise Words with General Mireau (Assolant):
"[a rifle is] the soldier’s best friend. You be good to it, and it’ll always be good to you”
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