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SMA Workflow Presentation

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Alyssa Tormala

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of SMA Workflow Presentation

What is workflow? What we normally do:
Provide content
Allow for student interaction with the content
Assign work
Receive work
Assess work Digital Workflow:
Options for Receiving Work Using an interactive LMS (Edmodo or Schoology)
Create an assignment, quiz/test, or discussion through an LMS that allows students to submit their work
Open student work using the LMS program.
Easily provide feedback and grades as allowed by the program. Integrating the iPad into Classroom:
Digital Workflow at SMA Massaging Our Workflow Digital Workflow:
Options for Providing Content Digital Workflow:
Options for Receiving Work Shared Dropbox or Skydrive folders
Create a shared folder with each student (subfolders in a shared class folder)
Students upload a document, video, powerpoint, etc. to their individual folders
Open the item, input feedback or a grade and save it back into the folder The normal workflow doesn't change with iPads! But iPads do give us some extra options... Use a Learning Management System (LMS) like the course page, Schoology or Edmodo to:
Post videos (Ted Talk, Youtube or Explain Everything, etc.)
Upload handouts, readings, web links, that can be accessed during class or at home

Email content to students that they can open on their iPads Works on computers or iPads with internet Same process you already use, but in a paperless format! Assigning Work: Receiving Work Using Evernote as a shared resource
Requires a premium account
Create a shared book for each student
Students complete and turn in assignments into the book
Open, edit, and assess the assignments using Evernote, iWork, or Explain Everything Digital Workflow:
Options for Students to Interact with Content Students could:
Read or watch content (texts, handouts, readings, videos, etc.) on their iPads
Annotate written content using a reader program or app (GoodReader, iBooks, Ebsco, etc.)
Individually access and respond to content at their own pace from home or classroom
Take digital notes using Notability, Evernote, Notes, etc. Digital Workflow:
Options for Students to Create Work Students could:
Create documents using Pages, SkyDrive or other document/note apps
Create presentations using Explain Everything, Prezi, etc.
Create video or audio files on iPads and post to an LMS or Youtube
Post content in online discussions These are just a few possibilities... Digital Workflow: Options to Assess Work Teachers can use iPads or websites to assess work and provide feedback:
Online tests/quizzes on interactive LMS (no need for scantrons!)
Paperless grading of documents saved to shared folders or submitted through an LMS
View and assess recorded work in video and audio files
View images of creative projects
Use iPad to take videos of in-class presentations for later assessment and evaluation And then there are some
added bonuses... Students can find your materials anytime
Work can be differentiated--students can work at their own pace even in the classroom
Students can communicate with each other and with you when they have questions outside of class
SIGNIFICANT reduction of paper use
Less time on grading: feedback gets to students faster
More content is accessible in the classroom Inspired byJonathan Wylie's iPad Workflow Presentation at http://jonathanwylie.com/2012/10/22/ipad-workflow-solutions-for-educators/ So where do I start? Develop some realistic individual goals based on your own comfort with the technology and the way your current curriculum works. Remember--you don't have to change everything! Pick one or two things you want to try. Then add more when you are ready. Now don't look at me like that. The moral? Options abound.
Use what works best for you--digital or not. Investigate and explore the digital resources you will have available to you. Figure out how they work, and which ones appeal most to you and your own methodology. See? Isn't that better? The Classroom Workflow--with a digital flavor!
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