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Unit 12: Contemporary Issues in Sport

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Claire Powell

on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of Unit 12: Contemporary Issues in Sport

Must : Be aware of what a contemporary issue in sport is.
Should: Be able to describe different contemporary issues in a range of sports.
Could: Explain the impact these issues have on a selected sport.
A violation of social norms or established rules - hooliganism, violence, verbal abuse, cheating.
Thursday, Nov 17th, 2016
Unit 12
Learning Objectives:
Deviance: Drugs
Sport's Positive Influence

Sport's Negative Influence
Unfortunately Racism is still evident in modern sport. Sports such as Football have had a long history of racism being evident in the professional game.

Ron Atkinson caught making racist comments live on air.
John Terry investigated for accusations made towards Anton Ferdinand.
England U21's being subjected to racist abuse from fans.
Luis Suarez racially abusing Patrice Evra on the pitch.
Contemporary means current.
In this case it refers to current issues in modern sport, some of which are as old as sport itself. Some of the contemporary issues you must look into are listed below;

Religion and Culture
'Holding biased or unfair views about other nationalities or ethnically different people, treating them as inferior.'
What does it mean?
Contemporary Issues in Sport
Racism: The Negative in Sport
Stereotyping - Unfortunately sport has come under racial stereotyping for as long as its history. The idea that certain races can or cannot compete in certain sports. Examples could include;

'White men can't jump.'
'Black people can't swim.'

Can you think of anymore examples racial stereotyping in sport?

Stacking - Is the effect that stereotyping has on certain sports. It creates sports where certain races dominate and certain positions are almost exclusively performed by one race or another.. For example black NFL players tend to be receivers and rarely quarter backs. Creative midfielders tend to be white rather than black. This categorising of certain races to certain sports
Sport's Positive Influence

Offers a pathway to good citizenship and conformity with societal rules.
Sport development can be used to help change negative behaviour.
Sport teaches discipline and builds social skills.
Sport participation can lower crime levels as potential criminals have something to do.

Sport's Negative Influence

Sport provides an opportunity for role models to cheat and encourage deviance.
The rewards success in sport offers makes deviance more attractive and worthwhile.
A history of hooliganism and 'mob' mentality in some sport nurtures deviance in the form of abuse and violence.
A violation of social norms - hooliganism, violence, verbal abuse, cheating.
In pairs try and think of both positive and negative influences sport has on deviance. Think of reasons young people turn to crime and how sport might be able to combat this.
Sport vs Racism

The 1995 Rugby World Cup final was a turning point for post-apartheid South Africa thanks to then-president Mandela's public show of support for the predominantly white national team, a gesture that became a transcendent moment in the country's transformation to multi-racial democracy.

Mandela went on to say;

“Sport has the power to change the world, It has the power to inspire, it has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.”

Post Apartheid South Africa

Using the internet find one organisation or initiative to tackle racism in a sport and find out what they are doing to deal with the issue.
In the 1988 100m Olympic Final in Seoul Ben Johnson of Canada ran a time of 9.79 seconds to win gold and set a new world record. He later tested positive for performance enhancing steroids and was disqualified. However Carl Lewis, Linford Christie and Calvin Smith who then were promoted to gold, silver and bronze all went on to test positive for drugs later on in their career.

It would take 11 years before the time of 9.79 would be ran cleanly by a 100m sprinter.

'The dirtiest race in history'
There are many forms of deviance. Ranging from violence and abuse to cheating and the use of performance enhancing drugs. Examples of deviance in sport could be;
Lance Armstrong testing positive for performance enhancing drugs.
Ashley Young diving in competitive football matches.
Crowd violence and hooliganism.
Match fixing such as the Pakistan cricket team match fixing allegations.
The use of blood capsules in Rugby.

On a new word document with the heading Unit 12.3 - Contemporary Issues in sport, give yourself the sub headings Deviance and Race and begin to describe these two issues with clear definitions, the impact it has on sport and that sport can have on it and reference to sporting examples
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