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Space Exploration Pt. 2

Earth's place in... The Milky Way and The Local Galactic Group


on 12 July 2015

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Transcript of Space Exploration Pt. 2

THIS IS THE MILKY WAY GALAXY THIS IS THE SOLAR INTERSTELLAR NEIGHBOURHOOD THIS IS OUR SUN THE LOCAL GALACTIC GROUP Remember our Sun (and Solar System) is right over here! Discuss: What do we know and what else do we want to know about the Solar Interstellar Neighbourhood? Andromeda Galaxy Triangulum Galaxy Large Magellanic Cloud Small Magellanic Cloud Carina Dwarf Sculptor Dwarf Pisces Dwarf Pegasus Dwarf Sculptor Dwarf Tucana Dwarf Cetus Dwarf Aquarius Dwarf Sagittarius Dwarf Canes Dwarf Antila Dwarf Our Milky Way has around 200-400 billion stars! Dwarf galaxies are small galaxies with only a several billion stars The Local Group is the group of over 54 galaxies that contain the Milky Way Discuss: What will we see if we take a few more steps back further into space? The Milky way is over 100 000 light years wide! It is called a spiral galaxy because of its spinning long arms! Discuss: How many other solar systems do you think are in the Milky Way Galaxy? These are the other bright stars that are found around our Sun! Continuing from where we left off..
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