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Garret Graves

No description

Matthew Fredrick

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Garret Graves

Graves Father, "I said from the beginning there was a potential conflict of interest and apparently that fell on deaf ears"
Appointed January 3rd 2008
Evans-Graves Subcontractors
Martin Cancienne head lawyer Army Corp of Engineers...
Jimmy Faircloth lawyer & counsel to Graves' family...
Conservation Pathways CEO
Worked with Evans-Graves Engineering during Coastal reconstruction.
Senior VP of Trust for Public Land an NPO

Tree Hugger: Alan Front...
Conservation Pathways was founded by Alana in 2009 and received sub-contracts from Evans-Graves despite being based in California possibly because of Jindal appointment
Has given to countless Democratic candidate races in recent years
Now a double max donor for Garret Graves campaign.
His father's subcontractors now account for over half of his total campaign donations
Over 70% of his donations come from Evans-Graves/Subcontractors or an unreported source
His campaign is funded by the people he and his father made rich
Campaign Contributions
Garret Graves
Arkel Construction
JNB Operating
Delta Launch
Cajun Constuctors
CH Fenstermaker
Coastal Environment
Conservation Pathways (Alan Front)
Crompion International
Bollinger Shipyards

Major Equipment & Remediation
Martin EcoSystems
Performance Contractors
Pontchartrain Partners
Royal Engineers
Bascom Hunter
Daybrook Fisheries
Industrial Specialty

Was Governor Jindal's Executive council until 2009.
Since 2009, Faircloth was awarded $1.1 million in no bid contracts while legal counsel to Evans-Graves.
Fined for ethical violations involving participation with The Louisiana Tax Commission.
Was under investigation for getting $30M funneled into failing company his brother was an executive of.
Lawyer during $130M in tax dollars to Evans-Graves Engineering
Has now double maxed on Graves campaign.
“Thus, as we agreed, out of an abundance of caution, the appropriate solution is that your father’s company not pursue an interest in or receive any state contract that involves coastal restoration, levees or hurricane protection while you serve in the administration. This would explicitly include such contracts overseen by DOTD and DNR.” http://www.houmatoday.com/article/20080203/NEWS/659908125?p=3&tc=pg
Evans-Graves engineering has listed over $132M in contracts from the Army Corps of engineers since this statement.
Partner of The Livingston Group
Specializes in Corps of Engineers projects
Martin is an attorney that specializes in engineering projects his connection to the Graves family outside of donating to Garret's campaign is questionable.
Given almost 40k to Democrats over past 2 decades.
Possible involvement in millions given to Evans-Graves through Corps of Engineers contracts.
Is now max donor to Garret.
Faircloth's Comment after Graves was appointed
The year after Garret was appointed Evans-Graves' obligations nearly tripled
Evans-Graves has been awarded $132M
Army Corp of Engineers contracts since 2008.
Prior to his appointment 2008 Evans-Graves subcontractors contributing to Garret's Congressional campaign only had contracts totaling

Since Garret was appointed in 2008 those companies have received
$66,482,460.66 in Louisiana State funded contracts
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