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Food and Flavor Chemist

Food and Flavor Chemist, Branch of Chemistry, What do food and favor chemists do?

Emma Tarnopol

on 9 December 2011

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Transcript of Food and Flavor Chemist

Food and Flavor Chemist Food and Flavor Chemists focus on the chemistry of food,their deterioration, and the principles
underlying the improvement of foods forthe consumers. Description Projects they would do They might mix foods
together and see what
they make
They might tell how
ingredents work together
They might examine
products for their fat,
sodiumn, starches, and
Where do they work? They usually, like most
chemists, work in a lab.
But they somtimes set
it up like a kitchen. What kind of carrer
would you have? As a flavor chemist, you will spend your days recreating specific tastes for food and drinks by combining different chemicals. Flavor chemists are also referred to as flavorists and food scientists. Most employers prefer at least a Bachelor's degree in chemistry. Once you have passed an exam through the Society of Flavor Chemists, you will assume the position of junior flavor chemist for two years.

You need at least a bachelors degree in chemistry What education is required??? :) What tools do they use? Blenders
Heat processing equipment What type of companies do people with this job work? For food companies like coca cola, also food prosseing and study food saftey All information brought to you by:
Pictures by: google images THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! Facts There are over 1,500 flavors available in liquid, powder, spray dried, natural, or artificial. ______ ~ For dry mix manufacturing, powders certainly provide easy scaling and low water content. In non dry mixes, oil or water based liquids can have easy volume measuring. To some, liquid is favorable, considering that most flavor components begin in liquid form. ~
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