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Sir Aurel Stein

Final Paper Presenation

Christie Stack

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Sir Aurel Stein

1900-1901 Expedition (Brief) Taklamakan Desert - Dandan Oilik

Islam Akhun Early life, Influences,
& Intro of accomplishments Born in Budapest, converted to from Judaism to Christianity and became a British citizen Thesis Over the course of his expeditions, Sir Aurel Stein made significant contributions to the study of the history of Central Asia and the art and literature of Buddhism. Although his findings have, for the most part, been preserved, who owns the rights to his collection? After all of Stein's discoveries which shed light on ancient civilizations in Central Asia, does he really deserve to be labeled as a "foreign devil?" 1906 Expedition Mogao Caves (Cave of the Thousand Buddhas)

Abbott Wang & Paul Pelliot

Ethics & Motivations: is Stein really a foreign devil? 1913 & 1930 Expedition Khara-Khoto Stein's legacy & changes in
the field of Archeology "Foreign Devil" sentiment in China A Foreign Devil? Sir Aurel Stein His most famous expeditions were of British sponsorship Major Influences:

Stein's relationship with Hedin
Xuanzang's pilgrimage along the Silk Road Sven Hedin's Through Asia Where Stein's findings are now & his contributions
to the study of the history of Central Asia and the art and literature of Buddhism Who should own these collections?
What was Stein's true character? Fogg Museum sponsors expedition in Taklamakan; trip cut short and all findings become property of China http://www.britishmuseum.org/research/publications/research_publications_series/research_publications_online/sir_aurel_stein.aspx Sources: “Aurel Stein’s Methods and Aims in Archaeology on the Silk Road” (Escaurianza-Lopez)
“Fraternity on the Silk Road: The Relationship of Aurel Stein and Sven Hedin” (Morin)
(Hopkirk) Foreign Devils on the Silk Road “Aurel Stein’s Dealings with Wang Yuanlu and Chinese Officials in Dunhuang in 1907.” (Wang) Sources: “Paul Pelliot, Aurel Stein and Chinese Opposition to the Royal Academy’s International Exhibition of Chinese Art” (Wood) Sources:“International Dunhuang Project: Working on Stein’s Archaeological Legacy” (Falcone, Whitfield) Success of his first expedition, establishes a name for himself
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