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An experiment to go beyond the home group

Collin Bustanoby

on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of Discipleship

The Idea Discipleship A group of people committed to each other for a period of time to live in faith, intentionally focusing on several key areas of life. A radical commitment to Jesus beyond the home group God called all that he created good!!! Physical Fueling our bodies with pure, wholesome foods that our Father specifically designed for our well being and pleasure. Diet Using the gift of health to become more fit for times of service, recreation and rest. Exercise Maintaining property Work Creating Order, Beauty & Peace Serving Food and Cleaning Making improvements to the landscape and buildings Recreation A Sabbath Rest Barbecues lawnchairs Hikes Beach Parks Ballgames Running Weight training Zumba? Spiritual Abide in Me and I in you, apart from me you can do nothing. John 15 The Story Formed Life Praying in the Spirit on all occasions with all sorts of prayers and requests Intentionally evaluating our beliefs and striving to apply the truth of the gospel to every situation. Stewardship Debt reduction Pooling resources Shared vehicles Shared groceries and supplies At the core of our struggle to make ends meet is the cultural aspiration to "own a home." In the majority of families, this means financing over 30 or more years. On a monthly payment of $1400, roughly $1300 goes to just your interest balance.* The Church Community Groups Gathering Preaching Music Story-telling Earth Inc. Gov't God's Story Spiritual Forces in the Heavenly Realms Teaching Baptism Communion Praying Eating Studying Praying Singing Story-telling Couponing The Old Testament is mostly a narrative on three interconnected levels. First, what God did with the world. Second, what He did with His people, Israel. The third level is what he did in individual lives to reveal Himself and His glory. God created beautiful spiritual beings to be his heralds, ministers and witnesses. It's a grand and powerful drama involving those who chose to rebel. They became lifelong sworn enemies to the King and his creation.
These are the forces who do everything they can to distract, manipulate and destroy human beings, the objects of His love. And they are our current enemies. The stage lovingly built by the hands of the Creator. A home for the Almighty and a place made for his glory. At long last, the Son, the Savior has been revealed that angels and prophets longed to see. His body on earth, the spotless Bride of Christ who after a time of discipline and preparation will arise to co-reign eternally over a new heaven and new earth. The Spirit of God striving with His children to work out the Father's will for His Son on earth. Now is the Age of Salvation and He is putting all things under His Son's leadership and care. The Father sends the Holy Spirit into His chosen people and their lives are drawn together for one purpose. We find ourselves, the children of the 21st Century, born into an age of extreme human ingenuity. We are desperate for meaning in the midst of information and mechanical overload. Our stories have been underwritten by powerful corporate messengers. The wealth of kingdoms has transferred to corporations. The family has been broken and isolated. Our tongues have been trained to love synthetic foods. Time rules over us like an unrelenting tyrant.

Yet...we are not all asleep; not all of us are broken. We look at our forefathers and know that they were drawn together in unity. They shared what they had, being devoted to the Apostles' teaching, and were ambassadors with the authority and power of the Kingdom of God and the Lord Jesus. When someone comes to believe in Jesus they have a way of living already established that was not informed by taking every thought captive to Christ and treating resources as though they are under God's dominion.

The church for the most part consists of these kinds of people. In many ways, there are areas of life that have not been subject to challenge, because "This is just the way it is." Way of Life 401k The SFL is an intensive 10-week foundational, repetitive, reproducible, apostolic, narrative and discussion-based discipleship training course. It’s purpose is not to encapsulate all of discipleship, rather it is intended to provide kingdom equippers with an apostolic (i.e. foundational) discipleship tool from which they and others can build upon (1 Cor 3). Our bodies were designed with certain foods in mind. What would happen if we gave our bodies the building blocks they needed? Today if someone dedicates 10% of their income to ministry they are exceptional. What happens to the other 90%? Sunday Church Home Group Bible Study Outreach pray at all times Key #1 Key # 2 The radical idea: Living together under one roof, sharing space, resources and exploring three or four key areas of Life in the Kingdom of Light. Feasting! Celebrating! getting rid of liabilities and creating assets Key #3 Way of Life 401k pray at all times Serve in a ministry Date Night Mentor Someone Is this the only solution? A commitment to be a house of prayer Looking for nourishment not just from food but also from the word of God Key #4 The Unscripted Story... Nobody can sit here and say exactly how this should all go. Consider some conversations that might happen as a result of this uncommon way of approaching life. You guys are eating a lot of eggs now? We have chickens! Maybe we can buy them from you instead of Albertsons... How many families live there? Huh? Why's that? ... Wow, Amber, I love all those new videos you made for your website, who did them for you? Mike up the street is going to come over and help us build a raised garden bed We just got $900 worth of groceries for $75! We gave all the community groups paper towels and stuff to last them all year. ...I don't think I ever really acted like it was God's story and not mine. Your flower beds are amazing! What did you use here...? HAHAHAHAHA! LOL! You guys are crazy :) Last month I would have argued that point, but if God is like that I'm not sure I can even say I believe ___________. Oh my gosh I lost 2 inches and 12 lbs last month and I feel so much more energy! Seek first the Kingdom of God
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