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Selby Arman

No description

Katrina Dye

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Selby Arman

The light will be replace and a giant TV will be on the ceiling and that help kids if your too short and the TV will be HD so it won’t be blurry and when the TV is off it will make a light source so kids can do their work in the light. The speaker of the TV will be huge and if a kid can’t hear they would put headphones on and Liston to the TV through the headphones. Cameras will be on all four sides of the classroom and this help kids stop cheating. For fun the floor will blocks or panels that when you step on them, they glow in a different color and if the power went off the floor will glow in a bright green color for Lakeside 2050.The floor has a power supply of sun and the teacher can turn it off and on.There will be a hologram fr the kids to study or watch science videos.

Lakeside 2050:Science Classroom

A Glimpse into the future of Lakeside School District

Selby Arman

When kids cants see the TV because they are too short or the screen is to blurry for them .Kids can have problems when they can’t see or hear the teacher or the smart board. Kids might think science is boring and don’t pay attention and some kids cheat during tests in Lakeside 2050.

Q:What five adjective best described your design


Q:What makes your design innovative

A: The special tech or high involve tech that we would have in the classroom.

Q:What feature of your design do u think will
most despite and the students

A: The glowing panels of the floor because the classroom and if the power went off it will glow so kids can continue doing their work.

Q:What was the inspiration for your design

A:When I went to the mall they had a floor that look like a piano and I step on it and it glow and make a sound it was a blast so I want the science classroom be more fun.

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