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Greenbelt-KCI - FINAL - Feb 2018

No description

Paul Koreen

on 2 February 2018

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Transcript of Greenbelt-KCI - FINAL - Feb 2018

everyday creativity.
framing the plan.
Greenbelt's approach.
issues & opportunities.
prospect ID.
answering your questions.
today's focus:
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fundraising capacity assessment
& revenue generation plan.
outlining our approach.
building our partnership.
february 5, 2018
building a winning strategy for Greenbelt.
Consider the 'what if'...
Breaking patterns
Generative discussions
Culture of 'yes'...
More than one right answer
Multiple lenses
stretch thinking. collaborative. integrated. measurable.
external consultations
(stakeholders, donors,
prospect ID
multiple inputs... ...across spectrum... ...targeted, strategic
member / partner survey
documentation review
Defining Greenbelt's distinctive 'value proposition'
Translating projects into opportunities
Embracing a culture of philanthropy
Engaging volunteer leadership
Building organizational capacity
What will success look like for us?

(staff, board)
financial modeling to understand 'what it will take' to be successful...
building the prospect pipeline
a variety of prospect ID approaches
leverage KCI's experience...
...and senior consulting resources...
...to turn vision into reality.
designing a 'layered' approach.
Fundraising strategy - emphasis, sequencing and program tactics
Optimal volunteer structure
Key messaging by donor market
Financial modeling, budget
Policies and procedures
Action plan and critical path
Insistent voice in implementation
Relationship mapping
of Greenbelt leaders, volunteers
Granting foundations
with interests in environmental and conservation causes
Businesses with aligned interests
, particularly those operating in the region
Philanthropic leaders
with a history of supporting environmental initiatives
Regional leaders
with potential to be connectors and advocates
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