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Why I want to be a WEB Leader! =)

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Sydney Maison

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Why I want to be a WEB Leader! =)

Sydney Maison Why I want to be a Web Leader What activities are you involved
in both inside and outside of school? The activities that I am involved in inside and outside of school are;
Tutoring and band.
I volunteer at my church, I dance at Encore (hula), and I'm starting my 5th year in Western
horseback riding. What is a challenge that you have face at RMS and what did you learn from it? A challenge that I have faced at
RMS was incorporating new friends with old friends. I learned that friends come and go. But also drift. Elementary is behind us and Middle School, High School, and Collage is ahead of us and many friends will
leave our lives, while many will enter. :) What 3 things will you do to help
a seventh grade student feel welcome at RMS? 3 things that I will do to help a seventh grade
student feel welcome at RMS are...
1.) I would smile and be friendly w/ them! (Be approachable) Help them relax in the new setting.
2.) I would help them w/ their locker, I remember I was super nervous and needed help opening my locker.
3.) Introduce them to teachers, workers @ RMS, and other students. Why do YOU want to be a Web Leader? I want to be a WEB Leader because I love helping others! I want to make a difference. Also I believe this program will help make a smooth transition for those entering Middle School, and I want to be a part of that.
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