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Malcolm X and Martin Luther King

Comparison between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King

Anke Müller

on 6 December 2014

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Transcript of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King and Malcolm X
1954 - 1957
1958 - 1964
2005 - 2013
1619: First Slaves are shipped from Africa to the United States
1790: First States ban the Slavery completely
1865: The Slavery ends with the end of the civil war
1866: The Civil Rights Act is passed by Congress over Johnson's presidential veto
1954: District of Columbia ends segregated education
Students protest against integration in schools
1955: Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat in the bus
1957: Martin Luther King is named chairman of the organization SCLC
1876: First Jim Crow Laws are passed

1915: The Birth of a Nation is released to film theaters

1952: Malcolm X joins the Nation of Islam
1960: MLK meets Senator John F. Kennedy
Nation of Islam calls for an all-black state
1963: Martin Luther King holds his speech "I have a dream"
1964: Dr. Martin Luther King is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
Malcolm X founds the "Muslim Mosque inc"
1965 - 1968
Civil Rights
1964: President Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act
1965: Malcolm X is shot to death in Manhattan
Voting Rights Act is signed by President Johnson
1968: Martin Luther King is shot and killed in Memphis
1968: American Indian Movement is founded
1876 - 1954
2005: Rosa Parks dies at the age of 92
2006/7: Martin Luther Kings wife and his daughter die
2008: Barack Obama is elected as the first black president
2013: The first male descendant of Malcolm X, Malcolm Shabazz, is killed
1619 - 1866
History of the Civil Rights Movement
Martin Luther King - Biography
Book: Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Gegenspieler
15. January 1929: Born as Michael King in Atlanta
1934: He is named Martin Luther King jr.
1953: King marries Coretta Scott Williams
1955: King becomes the leader of the "Montgomery Bus Boycott"
1957: He becomes the leader of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference
I have a dream...
Martin Luther King - Biography
1963: King meets President John F. Kennedy
1963: Martin Luther King holds his speech "I have a dream"
1964: Lyndon B. Johnson advises with Martin Luther King about the Civil Rights
1964: M.L.K. gets the Nobel Peace Prize
1966: King becomes a "Persona non grata"
Martin Luther King - Biography
1968: Martin Luther King is killed
In 110 citys are disturbances because of his dead
The murderer James Earl Ray is convicted to 99 years prison
On King's funeral are 50.000 people
Malcolm X - Biography
Martin Luther King
Malcolm X
Martin Luther King
Malcolm X
So why did they hate each other?
May 19, 1925: Born as Malcolm Little
Father dies 1931
1938: Malcolm's mother is placed in a mental hospital
1946: Malcolm X has to go to prison
1950: The FBI starts to watch him
1950: Malcolm Little changes his name in Malcolm X
Malcolm X - Biography
1952: He becomes a member of the Nation of Islam
1958: Malcolm X marries Betty X (Sanders)
1964: He leaves the Nation of Islam and founds the Muslim Mosque, Inc.
1964: Malcolm X meets Martin Luther King
1964: He holds his most famous speech "The Ballot or the Bullet"
Malcolm X - Biography
1965: He is assassinated by three members of the Nation of Islam
More than 1,000 people come to his funeral in the Faith Temple Church of God in Christ in Harlem
Martin Luther King sends a telegram to Malcolm`s wife
"You have to understand that the ballot is as powerful as the bullet!"
Thanks for your attention!
I personally like Martin Luther King's aims more, because he wanted no force and he stands for integration
What do you think?
January 15, 1929: Born as Michael King in Atlanta
1957: He becomes the leader of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference
1963: Martin Luther King holds his speech "I have a dream"
1964: M.L.K. gets the Nobel Peace Prize
1968: Martin Luther King is killed
May 19, 1925: Born as Malcolm Little
His father dies very early
1952: He becomes a member of the Nation of Islam
1964: He leaves the Nation of Islam and founds the Muslim Mosque, Inc.
1964: He holds his most famous speech the "The Ballot or the Bullet"
1965: He is assassinated by three members of the Nation of Islam
radical redhead
Puppet of the white rulers
Martin Luther King's aim was that black people get the same rights as white people and to show they were all equal. He wanted to achieve this goal without any violence
He believed that black Americans and white Americans should not be integrated. He thought that he could only achieve this goal with violence
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Sources (Pictures)
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