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No description

sarai castaneda

on 2 December 2010

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Transcript of Dream

Elena The Hispanic Dream Eliguio
Castaneda Ireana
Muniz Mannuel Castaneda-Arellano Carlos Rafael Jose Perdo Agustin Armando Antonio Gaspar Rebeca Martha Arcelia Amalia
Olgin Maximina
Munoz-Olgin Vicente
Viveros-Cornejo Felix Miguel Minerva Maritza Celia Location: Las Jaulas de abajo, Zacatecas, Mexico [great-grandparents] and [grandparents]
Occupation: Famers
Interests: Having lots of land
Goals/Dreams ["Green Light"]: Having great land for their family.
Accomplishments: Lands, Money, Status, Bakery Business
Modern: Traditional Location: Jalisco, Mexico [great-grandparents] Meixco DF[aka Mexico City], Mexico [grandparents]
Occupations: Farmers [great-grandparents] Owners of a Candy Store[grandparents]
Interests: Having lots of land [great-grandparents] Having their own Candy Store. [grandparents]
Goals/Dreams["Green Light"]: Having money for their Childern, so they can have a better education.
Accomplishments: Land[great-grandparents] Two great businesses [grandparents]
Modren: Traditional Sarai Raquel Elsiama Ismael Elena Jesus
Muniz Mercedes
Arellano Miguel
Munoz Maria- Luisa
Cornejo Miguel
Viveros Us... Elisama
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