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QAR - Question Answer Relationships - 5 Types of Questions.

Reading Strategy

Walter Downing

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of QAR - Question Answer Relationships - 5 Types of Questions.

Question Answer
Right There Question
Words used to make the question and
words used to answer the question are
RIGHT THERE in the same sentence
The Answer is in the text
What is QAR?
QAR is a strategy where students examine the type of question and then consider where they need to find the answer.
There are 5 types of questions
Right There
Think & Search
Between the Lines
Author & You
On my Own
Think & Search
Search reading selection for answers
Summarize, what caused, retell, how did, explain
Answer can be found in the text
Base your answers on lines from the story and knowledge that you have from other sources.
Answer can NOT be found in the text
Author & You
Why does the character do...,
How does the character feel..,
Connecting global knowledge with
what the author has written
How does the author feel about...
What is the theme of the story?
Answer can NOT be found in text
On My Own
Personal or previous knowledge
about a subject related to the story

Answer can NOT be found in the text
How do you feel about..,
Recall a time when...,
What would you do...,

Right There Example
I lived at the West
Egg,... My house
was at the very
tip of the Egg, only
only fifty yards
from the Sound...

Where is
Gatsby's house located?
Think & Search Example
While Gatsby -- yet to change his name and still going by James Gatz -- is still young and unsure of his direction in life, he meets an old millionaire named Dan Cody. His first impression is favorable; Cody's yacht is a symbol of the man's wealth and helps to ignite Gatsby's obsession with wealth and social status....Jun 18, 2012
Explain Gatsby's
relationship with
Dan Cody.
At the end of the chapter six, Gatsby says, “Can’t repeat the past?... Why of course you can!” (110).
What does this statement tell us about him and his dream?
At the end of the chapter seven, Nick observes Tom and Daisy sitting at the kitchen table, and he tells the reader, “[A]nybody would have said they were conspiring together” (145).
What does this comment tell us about Fitzgerald’s view of people like Tom and Daisy?
How do you feel about the concept of the

? Do you think people have a realistic view of it?
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